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  1. solsurfr

    PSA: I've got the COA for R8 82712

    Found an old COA in my closet for 82712. Happy to send it to the Owner of this beauty I once had.
  2. solsurfr

    2016 Mike McCready '59 Burst Aged/Signed #3

    Been out of the game for awhile but jumped back in a big way and grabbed #3 from Wildwood (Thanks, Lance!). #9 had a really nice top as well but this one was closer to Mike's 'Burst in look, in my opinion. Dave's Guitar has #2 and it's a very cool top and color but again, didn't resemble as much...
  3. solsurfr

    CC09A 003 - "Believer Burst"

    Realized I haven't shared pics of my CC09A. I'll take add'l pics when I have more time but here are a couple from Tylor at Dave's taken last year. Weight is around 8.3lbs. Top has peekabo qualities with a deep flame pattern with a tone of movement. Great feeling neck, super low action and fun to...
  4. solsurfr

    NGD: 20th R9 Murphy

    Great feeling guitar. Burst is outstanding. I haven't had a tea or bourbon-like color in years and am very impressed with how TM sprayed this one. Feels really old and looks old too. Feels lighter than 8lbs 9ozs. VOS is heavier than I remember from previous R9's. The neck on this one is also...
  5. solsurfr

    NGD: Introducing "Mary Jane" or 93420

    I'm super stoked on this acquisition. Introducing 9 3420 aka "Mary Jane". With all this CC craze, talk over spec changes, I'm going throwback to the early years. Still love the older ones. Thanks to Rick Hogue over at Garrett Park Guitars. Here's a quick iPhone pic:
  6. solsurfr

    2003 R9 Brazilian SN93069

    Thought you guys would be interested. This is my R9 Braz. Thanks for looking! 2003 R9 Brazilian SN93069 :)
  7. solsurfr

    FS: 2002 Martin OM-28 John Mayer 403 of 404 Limited Edition

    Up for sale is a 2002 Martin OM-28 John Mayer. This is the guitar that started the craze for the OM-JM that is currently in production. In this initial run, only 404 were made. Rumor has it that John may have the first couple and #404. The one listed here is #403 which I bought from the original...
  8. solsurfr

    FS: 2003 Gibson Custom Historic '59 Reissue Verified Brazilian SN93069

    2003 Gibson Les Paul Standard with certified Brazilian rosewood fingerboard in faded cherryburst - Serial No. 9 3069. It's in great, very clean condition with just a few very small blemishes on the back that I could not capture the photos. Weight is around 8.9lbs according to my digital scale...
  9. solsurfr

    FS: 2013 Gibson Custom Shop Collectors Choice #8 "The Beast" SN095

    Up for sale is a 2013 Gibson Custom Shop Collectors Choice #8 "The Beast" SN095. I purchased this CC#8 new from House of Guitars in early 2013. It's in new, original condition. Weighs in at 8.6lbs. The feel is amazing to me. I have a bunch of R9's and this one feels the oldest and most worn in...
  10. solsurfr

    Introducing CC#16 RedEye SN007

    8.2lbs, a ton of vintage honk, very resonate unplugged, great feeling neck, peekabo flame top. Feels very light in my hands. Will do the bobbin topper thing (thanks for the idea, MikeSlub!) :)
  11. solsurfr

    WTB: 2001/2003 R9 Brazilian

    Brothers.... I'm in the hunt for a cool looking R9 Braz (confirmed). If you're looking to unload one, pls let me know. Thanks! :dude:
  12. solsurfr

    Anyone have cert for 7 3037 by any chance?

    I know this is a long shot but if anyone has the certificate for a 2003 R7 - 7 3037, please let me know. Happy to pay fair price and postage! It's a killer R7 and at 8lbs 3ozs, a joy to play! Many thanks! :acoustic:
  13. solsurfr

    Re-introducing Goldie #008 :) (Thank you, MikeSlub!)

    Goldie #008:
  14. solsurfr

    WTB: TKL 8824 case for Junior/Special (2)

    These cases are hard to come by. Please contact me if you one for sale. Thanks! :dude:
  15. solsurfr

    WTB: Collector's Choice #2 Goldie

    If you have one, I'm interested!
  16. solsurfr

    WTB: 2003 R9 Murphy Brazilian

    Please send pictures, details to [email protected] Thanks and Happy Holidays.
  17. solsurfr

    2007 Limited Edition 1957 NAMM Custom Shop Stratocaster - Sunburst

    Up for sale is my 2007 NAMM Limited Edition Stratocaster in sunburst color. This is considered a 'heavy relic' finish very reminiscent of the GC Blackie Strats from a couple of years ago in terms of the relic'ing. All dings and wear are included down to the headstock cigarette burn! It's in dead...
  18. solsurfr

    FS: 2006 Fender Limited Release 1960 Relic Stratocaster with Brazilian Board

    Up for sale is my 2006 Yuri Shiskov Limited Release '60 Relic Stratocaster in Sunburst color and fitted with a brazilian rosewood fretboard (confirmed and stock). This is a lighter relic as far as relics go but checking is apparent throughout the body along with the usual nicks and scratches...
  19. solsurfr

    Better pics - '06 R9 Murphy Sunrise Teaburst

    Hopefully these capture the top better than my original post. Taken with a 6 mega pixel cybershot. Indoor, with flash and without flash. This pic is a better representation of the color. No red, light caramel, lemon in the middle: This shot under little to no light. Flash brings out the...
  20. solsurfr

    2006 Murphy R9 Sunrise Teaburst HRM Yamano - Just Arrived!

    Please welcome my newest edition to the family: 2006 Murphy R9 Sunrise Teaburst HRM Yamano, 8.8lbs Very smooth sounding R9 with a punchy neck pup and singing bridge. Neck is unreal straight with a tinge of relief. Super resonant unplugged and signature R9 tone plugged in. Took some crappy...

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