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  1. jlb32

    Epiphone/etc... Acoustic guitars?

    Been looking at alot of guitars. Still looking around but the Seagull S6 does look great. Made in Canada also
  2. jlb32

    Epiphone/etc... Acoustic guitars?

    Thanks, I will check it out also. Just so many options! lol
  3. jlb32

    Epiphone/etc... Acoustic guitars?

    What Cort did you end up buying?
  4. jlb32

    Epiphone/etc... Acoustic guitars?

    Looks great! Thanks for the suggestion! I will definitely check one out.
  5. jlb32

    Epiphone/etc... Acoustic guitars?

    Thanks! I will check the Yamaha acoustics out. Any certain model you recommend? I have been looking at the Epiphone 200 since it is suppose to mimic the Gibson J200, which I love, but I do not play acoustic enough to go that Gibson J200 price range!
  6. jlb32

    Epiphone/etc... Acoustic guitars?

    I play mainly electric guitar but have been looking for a good replacement acoustic for my older Washburn (I've used it forever but it needs work now and not worth putting the money in to). There are just so many acoustics out there, I do not know where to even start since I do not keep up...
  7. jlb32

    New Gibson Generation Acoustic Guitars Announced

    For me personally the raw headstock, neck, sides and back in the satin finish are what makes me like this model. I love the feel and looks of satin finishes. If I do ever buy another acoustic I will definitely have to check the G-200 out.
  8. jlb32

    Jerry Cantrell custom shop “wino” Les Paul/NGD X2

    Awesome guitars guys! Congrats! I would love to have one. Love Cantrell and AIC but the pricetag is a little to steep for me personally.
  9. jlb32

    Murphy Lab Finish Repair - Not!

    Love the 335! They have become my favorite guitar shape and tone for years now.
  10. jlb32

    Murphy Lab Finish Repair - Not!

    Did not read the whole thread but if I sent a guitar to Gibson for a repair I would want the same guitar back. If I was going to get a replacement, I would want to know ahead of time.
  11. jlb32

    Adam Jones Signature LP Custom

    I love the Adam Jones Silverburst Custom model but it's price is just insane IMO. I really wanted one when I heard they were coming out but after seeing the pricing, I decided to not buy one. Crazy the price increase on a model just due to a artists name.
  12. jlb32

    New Gibson Cases

    I use my cases all the time when traveling to gigs, etc.. I am not flying on planes though but if I was I would try to bring my guitar as carry on or box it up like I was shipping it. Most bag handlers at airports do not care what they are loading/unloading. They just throw it. lol
  13. jlb32

    New Gibson Cases

    Pictures of the new cases without having to search?
  14. jlb32

    Murphy Lab finish falling off?

    Hopefully no one buys them without knowing the finish issue.
  15. jlb32

    Murphy Lab finish falling off?

    Really sucks but hopefully Gibson will take care of all those that want a refinish. I am guessing they will and probably the reason dealers like Wildwood, etc.... have no ML guitars in stock. I guess the only upside is the paint issues happened fairly quickly and was early on in the Murphy...
  16. jlb32

    The R9 Second Hand Market...

    Everything is super high priced at the moment. Many are just overpricing everything due to Covid, even if it's not even related. If they think they can get more, they will ask more. IMO it's not a good time to buy unless you find a seller that has a good asking price or is willing to come...
  17. jlb32

    Historic Pickups - Stock or Swap

    Years ago I use to swap pickups a ton for no reason, then I learned my lesson. Do not swap pickups until you decide if you love or hate the ones you currently have. If the stock pickups sound great I leave them alone. If they sound like shit to me then I'll switch them for something different...
  18. jlb32

    In need of help regarding a rare 2011 R9

    Many dealers do/want special runs but they have to do at least 25 or more guitars to get Gibson to make them. At least that is how it was done years ago. That is where the 25 number comes from. Not sure how it is done today.
  19. jlb32

    NGD: 2020 LP '59 Reissue Dirty Lemon

    I personally think both your issues can be fixed easily by a decent luthier doing a good setup. If you love the guitars look, feel, neck, playability, etc... then it's worth the hassle IMO. If you don't love the guitar then I would just do a return. It's just part of the hassle of having...
  20. jlb32

    Murphy Lab Shiddy Wood

    I agree. I would want something different for that price tag. I like mismatched tops but that is way mismatched IMO.

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