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  1. itsTrips

    Sniff Sniff

    As I sit here tracking some guitar passes into Studio One, I can't help but smile at my appreciation for the sweet smell coming off of my Trad. I've never known guitar love like this before! And I've loved all of my guitars over the course of my life. But this.. the smell.. Sweet vanilla...
  2. itsTrips

    Slash's Derrig LP - We all know but why not....

    Slash's Custom Guitar Saved Appetite for Destruction
  3. itsTrips

    Another crazy MF deal!

    Gibson Les Paul Traditional Pro 3T Electric Guitar Wine Red | Musician's Friend $1199.. Wine anyone? Wine Red, that is. :slash:
  4. itsTrips


    Not sure if this should go here or in the vintage section, please move it if needed mods, thanks. So (drumroll) I've recently realized that LemonBursts have some odd titillating effect on my senses. More so than most any other Les Pauls (for now). Something about the right color tone of...
  5. itsTrips

    Reflector knob hunt (Gold/Silver New)

    Sorry in advance if this has been discussed to death. Been looking for some reflector knobs. Specifically Gold with Silver reflectors and the correct smaller text. I've found a few sets online in various places, mostly eBay and Amazon, and of course big chain music stores. But all of the...
  6. itsTrips

    NGD - Traditional Plaintop HSC and a great friend

    This thread has been "a long time coming". First, I've wanted a real Gibson Les Paul my entire life. Secondly, after having finally gotten one, it had issues which were discussed at length and can be found here, which postponed my NGD post. Rather than discussing that, lets get on with the joy...
  7. itsTrips

    What brand strings do most LPs ship with?

    I'm asking because I can't seem to find who makes these strings. First glance I thought D'addario, but I realize now the colors are wrong, order wise. Here are some pics.. My research has found that Fender has strings with colored ball ends as well.. But Fender strings coming shipped on...
  8. itsTrips

    How long do I wait?

    So, I just received my LP Trad... I knew I wanted it to get out of the cold, obviously. But staring at this box is torture!! First guitar I've ever gotten online, ever. lol It's about 25 degrees in Atl, Ga at the moment, and this thing came from Indianapolis, which I'm sure was colder. So its...
  9. itsTrips

    Current Serial # format

    First post here, though certainly with many more to follow! I've been lurking for some time! In any case, I just have a brief question regarding the current formatting of Gibson serial numbers, specifically LP models, versus the information I have found thus far while researching. Based...

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