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  1. Sloppy Joe

    You Tube Videos

    Here's a new one: Whenever I'm logged in and try to watch a video on a thread, the video plays but has no picture. I get the sound and a black screen while the video is running. If I'm not logged in I don't have this problem. ???
  2. Sloppy Joe

    Sound City

    Late night TV. Changing the channels. Nothing on, usual. Then I happened on the documentary of Sound City, the Los Angeles recording studio. It was showing on the Palladia TV music channel. It's produced and directed by Nirvana & Foo Fighter band member Dave Grohl. It's a fascinating...
  3. Sloppy Joe

    Blank videos

    Many times when I open a thread with videos, the videos in the posts are blank. What I mean is that the box of the video is black, and stays black. The only thing it shows is the video title on top the box. Anyone else having this problem? I suspect that it's an Apple issue.
  4. Sloppy Joe


    Remember when MTV/music tv was new, and they played music videos, and nothing but music videos? What does the M in MTV stand for now??
  5. Sloppy Joe

    Any aliens here on MLP?

    Any aliens here, from other planets? If so, are there guitars on other planets? Or, did you come to Earth for the guitars?
  6. Sloppy Joe

    Ask me about asking about things

    Asking about things can be educational, enlightening, and sometimes entertaining. So, if you have anything to ask about asking about things, please don't hesitate to ask. :laugh2::laugh2:
  7. Sloppy Joe

    You Tube Videos Change?

    I have posted full videos here at MLP from You Tube before, and have used the simple copy and paste preocedure. Now when I attempt to post a video, all I get is a link to the video, and not the full video itself. Did somethooing change with You Tube? Thnx much.
  8. Sloppy Joe

    Les Paul Set-Up How To

    I picked up a very nice older Studio recently that is in need of a set-up. I've got the tools and mechanical abililty (I've set-up Strats and other guitars before), and I want to do it right. There must some good books, or other resources, out there that will provide the instructions to do...
  9. Sloppy Joe

    ZZ Top- Ko Ko Blue

    From ZZs Rio Grande Mud - probably their least talked about album. YouTube - ‪ZZ Top - Ko Ko Blue‬‏
  10. Sloppy Joe


    As a young youngster just starting to delve into the world of Rock Music one of the very first bands that I got into was Steppenwolf. To this day, when I break out some of their old stuff, it sounds as good as it did back then. Any Steppenwolf fans out there? :thumb:
  11. Sloppy Joe

    Michael Schenker

    It seems that as a guitarist one can learn tons from other highly skilled guitar players. This I know has been the method of some greats like Hendrix, Clapton, Duane Allman, and countless others. Lately, I've been listening to and copying some of Michael Schenkers' work - and he is one...
  12. Sloppy Joe

    Locating notes on the fretboard

    I have seen many methods for learning note location on the fretboard. What methods have you guys seen or used that works?
  13. Sloppy Joe

    Locking case latches

    First, sorry if this is the wrong forum for this question. But, hear goes: I have a bad locking latch on my Gibson OHS case. Are there replacement locking latches available somewhere. I have looked, but have not found anything, so far. Thanks
  14. Sloppy Joe

    LP Classic Serial #s

    I have been checking out LP classics and have noticed that some have 5 digit serial numbers, instead of the regular 8 or 9 digits like other LPs. What gives? Is this standard for Classics? -Thx much
  15. Sloppy Joe

    Les paul classic?

    What do you guys think of Les Paul Classics? I sure see quite-a-few used ones for sale, and I'm kinda thinking about picking one up. What do you think of them? Thanks!
  16. Sloppy Joe

    New or Used LP?

    Hey to all, In my mind the Gibson Les Paul is the greatest electric guitar ever made. So, I am in the market for a Les Paul Standard, and have been looking at alot of used ones, but with all the counterfeits out there now, I am thinking more of buying new, so I don't get burned. Are there any...

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