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  1. Guitpicky

    Neck Pickup Epiphany

    I think you may be on the wrong forum. A neck pickup height thread isn’t the place for the drivel you posted. Maybe join a adolescent issues forum?
  2. Guitpicky

    NGD Wildwood Select 50s & First Post!

    Wildwood is a great shop, they put a lot of effort into going “above and beyond” and it shows in your new guitar. Congrats :)
  3. Guitpicky

    Neck Pickup Epiphany

    Nothing really, it went off on a tangent and that’s where it ended up. I stayed in the ring because even tho it went sideways, it’s a hell of a lot more interesting than most of the shit repeated ad nauseum on this forum. Anything is better than another regurgitated controversy thread about...
  4. Guitpicky

    2011 Traditional vs new 50’s

    Sarcastic humor is at its best when half the people reading it fail to realize it’s sarcasm. Good job :)
  5. Guitpicky

    Neck Pickup Epiphany

    Here you go... Not like the brazen giant of Greek fame, With conquering limbs astride from land to land; Here at our sea-washed, sunset gates shall stand A mighty woman with a torch, whose flame Is the imprisoned lightning, and her name Mother of Exiles. From her beacon-hand Glows...
  6. Guitpicky

    2011 Traditional vs new 50’s

    It’s not going to be an “upgrade” to your 2011, especially if your Traditional is a great example of its type. It would be a lateral move at best and not worth what you’d lose in the transaction :)
  7. Guitpicky

    Trying To Track Down My Old Les Paul

    Best of luck! It would be a great story if you got it back... reunited with your long lost love :)
  8. Guitpicky

    Guitar elbow (tendinitis)

    I get tennis elbow when I’m doing something that repeatedly snaps my elbow into full extension. The trick for me is paying attention and making sure to stop extending just before the elbow joint locks at full extension. It comes from “throwing” your hand or forearm into overextension. It’s a bit...
  9. Guitpicky

    Virus Conspiracy, Travel, Prepping, Bitching

    A lot of people are now calling it the “novid plandemic” :)
  10. Guitpicky

    Neck Pickup Epiphany

    With humbuckers I start at about 3/32” and go up and down a little to find the sweet spot. FWIW trivia... The difference in measuring systems comes from within us. Our brain (intellect) measures things empirically using metrics. Our heart (intuition) measures things in harmonic proportion or...
  11. Guitpicky

    Gibson Les Paul Standard 1989 - 1994

    I think overall quality and consistency is probably the best it’s ever been, mostly because of improvements in manufacturing methods and materials. Some of the woods used fifty years ago are no longer around, but even back then they were just using what was readily available and economically...
  12. Guitpicky

    Please tell me why BR Rosewood is so special

    Marketing hype I like darker woods with tight grain but Im not expecting any magical properties out of a particular species, unless it came from a magical tree tended by fairies and harvested by gnomes in an enchanted forest :)
  13. Guitpicky

    Checking or worse?

    Guitar gynecology?
  14. Guitpicky

    Gibson debuts new CS Abort Nacho ’59 Les Paul under 7lbs

    I’m getting cognitive dissonance between boat anchor and light weight. Shouldn’t they be over 10lbs WITH weight relief?
  15. Guitpicky

    NGD - ES Les Paul

    Really nice... enjoy :)
  16. Guitpicky

    Share „special“ serial numbers!

    Thirteen is a VERY lucky number for some of us :)
  17. Guitpicky

    Cryogenic treated frets

    So my 2018 Custom has the cryo frets?
  18. Guitpicky

    HELP! - Overpolishing Les Paul Standard Faded w/ Virtuoso?

    It sucks that it got stuck in the pores, pretty much anything you do short of a pressure wash is just going to push it in further. Maybe blast it with air from a compressor once it’s fully dry? Best of luck :)
  19. Guitpicky

    Chrome, or gold on ebony customs?

    Definitely gold, Customs in any color are the Cadillac of Les Pauls. On anything else I prefer chrome or nickel. Chrome is the most durable :)

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