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  1. Peter Mac

    2021 Fretboards

    One key to older fretboards being darker was the wood used back in the day. Up until around 1982, most Brazilian or East Indian boards were from Old-Growth forests. Now they are from new growth forests and are usually not stored and cured for as long as they used to be. Most boards these days...
  2. Peter Mac

    Vintage Tokai - Your Thoughts

    Hi guys, For the ES100J, I would highly recommend VIP pots Short shaft as these have the correct Centralab taper and 550k value, unlike CTS. I would recommend lower impedance pickups, say 6.8 to 7.9k, as these will give a much truer vintage tone when coupled with Emerson PIO caps and 50s...
  3. Peter Mac

    Beauty of the burst book

    Keep in mind the "soft cover" comes in 2 styles - solid spine and spiral spine. I bought the spiral spine so I can lay the book flat whilst open. In Australia, the Hard cover was only available with Japanese text.
  4. Peter Mac

    Looking at a 2007 ‘54 Custom Reissue. Any info?

    This 2007 R4 should have a COA that looks like the one from my 2007 R9. Also all CS guitars in 2007 were made using genuine Honduras Mahogany - the first Year the ReIssues did this. Be aware also the body is all mahogany - no maple cap so the tone is a little darker. 9.5lbs is a little on the...
  5. Peter Mac

    Most versatile tube amp?

    My recommendation would be the Hughes & Kettner Statesman Quad EL84 40w . All valve, single 12" , Channel switching, Boost, Crunch, Clean and Twang settings, Reverb tank, 21kg (48lbs) Footswitchable. 2x 12AX7 preamp + 4x EL84 power amp. The Clean and Twang channel have all the Fender Twin...
  6. Peter Mac

    Are there ebony fretboards on japanese vintage guitars?

    In the early days from 1978 to 1980 Tokai had 2 models - LC-100 (2 pup) and LC-110 (3 pup). Both had 1 piece carved mahogany body/top, 1 piece mahogany neck and a mid -length tenon. They had the Super 400 (split diamond) headstock, MOP inlays and black ebony fingerboards. Both models were made...
  7. Peter Mac

    Knob choice for black LP?

    Where did you find these. I gotta have some...
  8. Peter Mac

    WTF is up with these headstocks?

    As a rule of thumb, the Historics and Reissues have the "L" in Paul beside the D-string capstan - as they were placed in the 1950s and applied as a silkscreen. Regular Production models have theirs inbetween the A and D capstans and are a water-slide transfer so tend to be brighter and less...
  9. Peter Mac

    Tokai Les Paul knock offs

    You may also be surprised to know that during the mid-70's, Tokai built all the acoustics for CF Martin & Co due to a factory fire. When Tokai started making electric 'replicas' in 1977 they had done their homework. They sought out actual vintage instruments from prominent Japanese musicians -...
  10. Peter Mac

    Post a picture of your favorite strat you own.

    This is my 1980 Tokai SpringySound ST-80. Highly refined it has Fender Texas Special pickups with CTS pots and Oaks selector switch set onto a 1964 Fender scratchplate that has faded to a light green. All the original Tokai nickel hardware has tarnished to an amazing grey patina. The neck is a...
  11. Peter Mac

    Conditioned my fretboard

    For best results, I've found cleaning the fingerboard with Lemon Oil first then a good conditioning with Carnauba Wax brings out the grain and lustre. I have used this for over 40 years on all my LP's ...and Strats ... including a '59 LPS, 1960 LPS, 1955 LPC and quite a few R9s and R8s. I also...
  12. Peter Mac

    Grovers on a 59RI

    If you decide to put on Grovers, each peg hole will need to be widened to 10mm to accomodate them. If you decide later to go back to the Klusons ( for resale value, etc) the standard Kluson ferrules will not fit anymore. Kluson do make a 10mm Adapter Ferrule for 1/4" Post that you will need to...
  13. Peter Mac

    Late 70's-early 80's Tokai LS50 vs 100 vs ? - Big difference in build quality?

    The LC-100 had Gotoh as standard pups, whilst the LS-100 used DiMarzio. The LC-100 also had a complete mahogany body with no maple cap. LS-60 also used the 'B' Gotoh, whilst the LC-100 used the 'A' Gotoh pups.
  14. Peter Mac

    Which MiJ stratocasters are worth a try?

    To add some clarity, MIJ Fenders were built in the Fuji-Gen factory and CIJ Fenders were built in the Tokai Factory at Hamamatsu. [This has been confirmed by Tokai-Gakki]

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