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  1. jlb32

    Epiphone/etc... Acoustic guitars?

    I play mainly electric guitar but have been looking for a good replacement acoustic for my older Washburn (I've used it forever but it needs work now and not worth putting the money in to). There are just so many acoustics out there, I do not know where to even start since I do not keep up...
  2. jlb32

    LTB Satin Black Gibson 335!

    Hello, If you have a USA Gibson Satin Black 335 for sale, I would be interested. Not looking to pay any crazy pricetags though. These guitars are readily available but I prefer trusted sellers. Thank You, Joe
  3. jlb32

    Explorer love!

    ESP or Gibson? I love them both and they both play and sound amazing. It is a debate though so which do you prefer?
  4. jlb32

    New Explorer knobs. Thoughts?

    Any comment is appreciated, like or dislike. I am personally undecided if I like them myself even though they do look much better in person. This is my gigged hard and beat/scratched up Explorer. Just trying to be different from the norm of black speed knobs or chrome/black dome knobs...
  5. jlb32

    Not really a Gibson Custom but thought I would share. Rusty Explorer.

    Still a work in progess but liking it so far
  6. jlb32

    Gibson "Rusty Hetfield" Explorer in progress.

    Still a long way to go. Need different knobs, pickups, hardware, etc... and still need to polish it up properly. As you can see it has a haze at the lower bout and elsewhere at the moment. The pickguard is darker and more rusted looking in person also. Very hard to get a good photo. Just a...
  7. jlb32

    Brazilian Rosewood is great but my 2013 R8 with Indian is as dark as any Brazilian I have seen.

    I love that Gibson finally brought Brazilian back but it is no where close to better, as what the prices seem to be, compared to Indian. I would put my dark Indian boards up against any Brazilian. Looks wise and tonally. Sorry, just ranting! :cheers2:
  8. jlb32

    Dave's Guitars back with Gibson

    IMO good to see them back as a Gibson dealer even if I'm not in the market to buy right now.
  9. jlb32

    Nixon Watches?

    I personally have become a fan over the last few years. Anyone else here like them? No, they are not $10K-$50K Rolex watches. Just IMO great looking affordable watches, as are many others. I love many brands other than Nixon but the last several Nixon's I have bought have been really...
  10. jlb32

    My 2013 R8, gig battle scarred and better than ever IMO.

    Nothing really visible in pics but it has it's scars from the years. Still plays and sounds amazing! Post your gig/played and scared Historics, even if the damage doesn't show in pics!
  11. jlb32

    "FLEX" watches??

    Anyone here like them? They seem to be trendy but other than that they seem to donate 10% or so to worthy causes. Just wondering since a friend of mine said they bought me one as a gift. Think it cost $20. They know I wear cheap watches to work since they get grease, oil, sweat and beat up...
  12. jlb32

    WTB: Gibson 1984 Reissue Explorer GOTW (Hetfield)

    If you have one of the white 1984 Gibson Reissue Explorers that was based on James Hetfields, it was one of the GTOW guitars from several years ago, please PM me. Thank You
  13. jlb32

    Think I'm Back Into Explorer Guitars Being My Favorite

    Any other major Explorer fans out there? Post yours! I went from all Explorers to a mix of Explorers, 335's and LP shaped guitars but overall I personally just think Explorers feel, sound and play better. Seems they are back to my #1 spots again gigging. Add in I'm pretty tall at 6'4 and...
  14. jlb32

    If Slash is Gibsons Les Paul ambassador then how is James Hetfield....

    not Gibsons Explorer ambassador? Slash has all these Gibson Signature models. Hetfield has zero! :confused:
  15. jlb32

    WTB Gibson 1984 Reissue Explorer

    The white one ala James Hetfield. If you have one you want to let go of please PM me. Thanks
  16. jlb32

    Historic toggle caps?

    Best place to buy? Does not have to be 100% historically accurate. Just looking for a few caps close to the '13 and '14 Reissue LP's, etc.. toggle caps for cheap prices.
  17. jlb32

    Who gigs their gloss/VOS Historics and it has battle scars to show for it?

    My VOS Skinnerburst has a few dings/marks, etc.. and some weird patch of ingrained finish marks/blistering on the back of headstock (by the serial) due to it getting leaned up against a radiator at a gig (other guitar player moved it during a break). lol Many of my friends think I am crazy for...
  18. jlb32

    Thoughts on new Stone Temple Pilots...

  19. jlb32

    WTB. Gibson CC #8 "The Beast".

    If anyone has one they are consider selling for, not outrageous pricing. I am very interested.

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