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  1. itsTrips

    NGD...My new 2020 R0

    Yessir! It really does make a big difference in my opinion. TO the point that it has me eyeballing a new LP which I do not need to be doing! :D
  2. itsTrips

    NGD...My new 2020 R0

    Man I absolutely LOVE them using this smaller, original spec binding and how much smaller the nibs are. The nib actually blends into the fret end now rather than acting almost as an entire fret end cover. Plus the thinner binding just looks way more classy in my opinion. Ive never really liked...
  3. itsTrips

    Nibs or No Nibs, which do you prefer?

    Nibs! Definitely nibs. BUT.. I MUCH prefer the tiny ones, like on the LPs with the thinner original binding, where the nib is really tiny, yet still there. Actually, I've never been a fan of the thicker binding at all. I'm actually glad they seem to have gone back to using the thinner stuff in...
  4. itsTrips

    Vintage truss rod cover

    Here is an alternative option if you don’t want to spend that much or don’t require it to be vintage. Single ply black with beveled edge for 11 bucks
  5. itsTrips

    String Change Frequency

    I have. Don’t dig them really on my guitars, but it’s been a while. Maybe I’ll try em again. I do love them on my bass tho! I run La Bella flat wounds on P bass. They’re great.
  6. itsTrips

    Polish or refinish Les Paul Tribute Honeyburst?

    I agree with others who have said wait and let it grow on you. Currently my Les Paul traditional has a shiny polished top, and I wish it looked more like yours, Matte and dull. Lol I personally love the look of old Bursts that were glossy when new but dull with age and look matte now. That...
  7. itsTrips

    String Change Frequency

    This is has always been conflicting for me personally. More on that in a second. As for how often I change mine out... once the unwound strings lose that slick smooth feeling, or begin to feel kind of sharpish when fingering chords, like abrasive, I either replace them, or think about...
  8. itsTrips

    2020's Gibson Les Paul Standard 50's finish issues

    Heh, I wish mine came with only those “issues”. You can certainly send it back, and you can certainly receive a lesser specimen thereafter. In other words, they all seem to have some common issues. Although some of those issues are more easy to forgive than others, so an exchange can actually...
  9. itsTrips

    After years of painstaking buying and trying, many tens of thousands of dollars spent, I've finally found the best Les Paul... and it's an R8!

    Nice post. Read every word and enjoyed your story. For those that haven’t made the “journey”, especially those incapable financially of such lengths, I feel it provides hope that one can find a very nice LP without having to first get lost in all of the minutiae. Sadly, those depths exist in any...
  10. itsTrips

    Epiphone Headstock Theory...

  11. itsTrips

    Epiphone Headstock Theory...

    Wow, that’s a fine stack of Gluetar bodies right there!
  12. itsTrips

    the official Les Paul Traditional love thread

    Still love my 2016 Trad more with each passing day! It just keeps getting better and better!! And so thankful I found this forum which has been a wealth of information! Here is my beloved "Trad Plaintop". :thumb:
  13. itsTrips

    Oh you guys are going to like this!

    Way to roll the dice and win big! Looks great now!! Awesome!
  14. itsTrips

    NGD for a MAFM!

    JESUS.. Excuse me, but that thing is F$&CKIN GORGEOUS! Wow!!! Congratulations, Jay! Remember seeing this on FB too! What a great LP you got!!! :applause:
  15. itsTrips

    *Update* Fake Gibson At Guitar Center

    I do not require a trophy. Your response alone was satisfying enough! :applause::applause::thumb::slash:
  16. itsTrips


    1. What year did you first start playing guitar? 1988 2. What year did you get your first Les Paul? 1990 3. How many Les Pauls have you owned? 2 4. Does that include Specials & Juniors? No 5. Does it also include Epiphones? Yes
  17. itsTrips

    How's The Logo On Your Headstock? Let's See T

    2016 Trad.. Logo looks good to me!!
  18. itsTrips

    Sad Sad Day, thanks brown truck guys

    HAHA!!! Not to jinx it getting where its going at all, but who knows, by the time this is all over you might have BOTH major shipping companies in your pocket! :D Lets hope not though... ya know, for the sake of your sanity!
  19. itsTrips

    Damn GAS - NGD

    This might very well be the COOLEST in home "guitar room" or "guitar wall" I have seen to date! WOW!!! Just Awesome!
  20. itsTrips

    Damn GAS - NGD

    Sexy color!!!

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