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    Resale on Suhr or the like vs. Reissue Marshall (1987 or 1959)

    I've noticed that some of these high end boutique amps have a low resale when compared to something like a 1987x or 1959 reissue. I always looked down on the reissues as I played the old amps and never played a reissue. Recently I got a good deal on a 2245 and it's actually pretty good. Was...
  2. J

    How are the newer Custom Shop Strats? Are they worth it? And...

    what do you all think of them compared to pre CBS strats for the price difference. I've been playing a few of the newer ones (wild wood 10s) and some are really good. I've played a few of the pre CBS strats, but it's been a while and I don't remember liking them that much, but I was only playing...
  3. J

    After a decade I'm back, maybe for now.

    Never posted much, but a member since 2011. Having dropped in and out of playing for the last 25 years (started, for real, when I was 7 which was in the mid 70s) to focus more on hard(ish) climbing, I've decided that music it's my one true talent and I should pursue it as much as I can. Great...
  4. J

    R8 1958 Plain Top Les Paul (2005) 8.5lbs $2100 + shipping

    Great player. Typical fat neck for the R8s, Resonant and fantastic actiion and sound. I've wrestled with this for a long time and due to finances I have to let the best and what is worth the most go first. Thanks for looking BTW, I have bought and sold here before. Jon
  5. J

    2008 G0 Les Paul Historic $2000 obo

    Has had the top refinished in real nitro. There is a some checking as the guitar was gigged through a couple of cold winters. Plays great. Around 9.5 lbs. Neck is not as thin as the typical R0s. Kind of like a standard but a bit more shoulder. Nowhere near as thick as an R8 or R7...
  6. J

    VHT Pittbull 50/CL $900

    +shipping. Amp is in great shape. sound is very tight. Fantastic efx loop. Does not have the Graphic EQ. JJ EL34s, GT and Tungsol preamp tubes. Has foot switch. Great amp. But have to sell. Thanks. More pics tomorrow.
  7. J

    Well worn 1993 Les Paul Standard -SOLD Thanks Everyone

    Great Playing and heavily gigged LP. Frets freshly dressed and plenty left. Everything is stock except for the front pu cover which I removed. Neck is typical for early 90s standards. Not a 60s style neck. A lot smaller than my r7. Never dropped just played a lot. And plays great. Warm...

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