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  1. sikoniko

    Vintage SG's at Songbirds Museum

    I've posted threads on various other boards, trying to keep the content specific to the audience it would have the best reach to. Hope you enjoy. I don't know if I am allowed to post links to the other boards where I have posted similar types of threads.
  2. sikoniko

    Clapton maestro tailpiece mod for 63 SG

    That's my SG in the initial post. Unfortunately, photobucket has removed the pictures... I'm not clear I understand your issue, but I have no problems playing above the 17th fret. I didn't originally look to go this route. I traded a HM for a '63 husk that someone bought to part out. The...
  3. sikoniko

    So let's see those Strats!

    here is a current pic of my 4.5 strats. Need a neck for the Taos Turquoise one...
  4. sikoniko

    Show Your Strats!

    here is a current pic of my 4.5 strats. Need a neck for the Taos Turquoise one...
  5. sikoniko

    Show Your Strats!

    Here are three of my four strats...
  6. sikoniko

    My First Historic Makeover

    dark backs had black plastic covering the cavities... interesting direction. Hope you are happy. :) you should have it now... where is the update????
  7. sikoniko

    Picture Of Your First Amp

    i find it hard to believe i was the only one who's first amp was a gorilla...
  8. sikoniko

    Help me decide which direction to go on a new guitar

    I wish I had some sage advice for you. I often look at the handful of guitars I have and wonder if I could ever be happy with just one... the answer is no... so I wonder how others are able to be. It must have been easier pre-internet when you couldn't have so much access to look at so many...
  9. sikoniko

    Next on your wish list

    '58 single cut jr. 61 brown face deluxe ---------------------- dream list: '60 les paul custom '55 strat
  10. sikoniko

    Capsule Music's 50's Les Paul's...

    I struggle with the notion of a 're-topped' guitar being considered genuine vintage any longer or that the value should be equal to or greater than an off-center seam conversion. seems to me it should be more appropriately called a 'player grade' conversion and sell for <=$10k. Do the...
  11. sikoniko

    orland guitar show 2016

    how was it? i was planning on going tomorrow but my buddy backed out and i dont want to make the drive alone.
  12. sikoniko

    Cowtown Guitars - Buyer Beware

    I'm sorry this happened to you, but I would still love if you would share more info on the strat you got... even if you aren't happy with the situation...what year? any pic's?
  13. sikoniko

    Cowtown Guitars - Buyer Beware

    This situation sucks... but I have to ask... Any info on the NVGD? I love '50s strats...
  14. sikoniko

    Would you trade your number 1 for a superior guitar..

    seems kind of wrong to me to make an offer that you weren't committed to. With that being said, a '68 small headstock would be more preferrable. Do you like the feel of ebony? I know someone who claims anything '72 or earlier is using the same old wood that they used in the '50s. I guess...
  15. sikoniko

    Here we go!! HM started TODAY

    Kim and crew have really stepped it up a knotch since they brought the painting in-house! great looking guitar.
  16. sikoniko

    Historic Makeover Initiated: 2004 R4

    Ask Kim to color match his '52!
  17. sikoniko

    Here we go!! HM started TODAY

    The ebony standard I have (people call it a blackburst, but there is no flame under the paint) was not aged. @OP - If you are going to have the paint faded, I would go with aging that would be consistent with the paint. Keep in mind that not all of the originals have weather checking...
  18. sikoniko

    Historic Les 'em!

    disagree. perfect the way it is! :applause:

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