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    Thoughts on settings using Vox AV30 on OD1/2

    Hi When I first heard the AV30 I was blown away, I like it as you can turn down the solid state stage to get low volume sounds as if it were cranked. I got my first set of pedals recently, and opted to emulate the power amp and cabinet via the effects loop - to record quietly, due to severe...
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    What do people think about this tone circuit

    Hi I've been thinking about an alternative tone circuit when I rewire my Epi LP It has a 50's vs modern toggle to try out both in the cavity, so the preferred one can be selected (and either made permanent by removing the switch, or left for occasional changes) It combines a hybrid style...
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    Modification to Epi LP (brighten/HP only when volume or tone is turned up

    Hi I've been reading about tone mods, and would like to mod my guitar so it behaves normally, but when you turn the tone up to 8 or more, or when you turn the volume up to around 8-9 it rolls off some of the bass in the neck pickup. I don't really want it to change anything about the sound as...

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