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  1. Blind Lemon

    WTB Warren Haynes 335

    Missed 2 putting together funds. Anybody got one just setting in a case not being played? BL
  2. Blind Lemon

    PUs for sale or Trade

    Up for sale or trade, would really rather trade. Got a set of like "new" SD APH-2 Zebras, not a scratch on them 14" leads. Sale $180 Also have a set of older Sheptone Tributes covered, full leads, they are in a guitar now. $210 Check the sites for specs. I am looking for something between...
  3. Blind Lemon


  4. Blind Lemon


    Anybody got a set of these rattling around in a drawer? PM me. BL
  5. Blind Lemon

    Refretting 69 ES175

    First off I got a pretty good deal on this 1969 ES175, so I don't mind putting a little money in it to bring the playability back. This guitar was one of those under the bed guitars, the light amber type burst with original Pat# pups. Almost perfect save one thing, someone took a file to the...
  6. Blind Lemon

    Les Paul JR - Need Help

    I know a dude that's thinking about buying a 59 TV. He's afraid its not real or that he'll get stung. I build amps and know little about vintage guitars. I told him I'd ask for some pointers from you guys. Anything to look for for sure. I ask him to get pics if he could. SN#9 9027 :fingersx: BL
  7. Blind Lemon

    How the hell do you hook this thing up........

    I have read a few threads were people are unsure about hooking speaker cabs up to their amps at the proper impedance. I'm sure that it has been covered, but, I don't hang out here a lot and thought I'd give it a stab. Almost all amps, I have not seen one that isn't, are wired parallel at...
  8. Blind Lemon

    Nice Pair!!!!!!

    Couple of my latest builds, still need to make the cabinets. Both amps have the same pre-amp section. The 4 EL84 amp is up and screaming and I do the start up on the KT66/EL34 tomorrow after work. Both amps are cathode biased and about 30 to 35 watts. They are based on the TW Rocket with a few...
  9. Blind Lemon

    ES335 Electronics ?

  10. Blind Lemon


    Heres a couple or three amps I'm building right now. The one with tubes installed is finished. They are based loosely on TW Rocket, one of them will be another 4 EL84, like the finished one, and the other a 2 KT66/EL34. Just thought I'd share.................:D
  11. Blind Lemon

    Sir.....Please step away from the soldering iron.......

    Just thought I'd share, bought a 335 used a while back. I love the way it plays.....not real crazy about the way it sounded. The "controls" were crrrrap (roll the R when you say that), so I ordered a vintage wiring kit from RS. Prompt service and nice quality parts, me being from Oklahoma the...
  12. Blind Lemon

    Question: Parts from RS are..........

    never mind...........................can't wait get them installed. BL
  13. Blind Lemon

    ES335 Historic....What tone controls!!

    New to me (97) and I absolutely love it. Its what I was looking for when I bought the LP. But this thing has 4 knobs on it that just about do nothing. Looking for suggestion from you experienced ES335 drivers, whats the best electronic fix for this thang. Pots+caps+wiring...
  14. Blind Lemon

    Purple PeckerHead

    Thought I'd share my newest build. This is the second one of these I've built. Forum member SiriusAbbott got the first, that one I built for myself but he made me an offer I couldn't refuse. This one I built for another local musician, he snuck in and played SiriusAbbott's before he picked it...
  15. Blind Lemon

    335 Trapeze

    What years did Gibson put Trapeze on the ES 335? BL
  16. Blind Lemon

    Strings over the tail stop.....

    ......why? I have seem some LPs with the strings loaded from the front and over the tail stop. Are there advantages or not..............edgumucate me.......:wtf: BL
  17. Blind Lemon

    WTB: Gibson ES335

    I don't need one, but as I tell my wife, "It aint a matter of need......". I'm looking around for a 335, I'm kind of partial the the lighter, is it Tea or Carmel, Sunburst. BL
  18. Blind Lemon

    Just talked to Will........

    what a great guy. Took time out of his busy day to BS a little. BTW, I ordered a set of his VTP Hots.....can you say creme please. Nickle covers. I love the anticipation. :shock: Thanks Will.... Bob
  19. Blind Lemon

    Tone Muddy....(I wrote.....

    sucks first but erased it.) I got a 2001 Standard Plus that I really like the feel of, but, the PUs are muddy and a little more distorted than I need/like. I want some PUs that are clear as a bell and thick. Some distortion is good, but I want to be able to roll off the volume a little to clean...
  20. Blind Lemon

    It's all ya'lls fault..........

    I bought a 2001 LP Standard Plus and I'm very unhappy:fingersx: And I know what ya'll are going to ask for next and you'll have to wait.:lol::lol: BL

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