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  1. judson

    Fall Philly Guitar Show ....find better deals at guitar shows usually?

    this year i am going to make it to Philly Fall Guiitar Show if its not cancelled, never been before holding back on some purchases , thinking i can find what i want at a decent price maybe. what do you think?
  2. judson

    a reminder Gary Moore...the true king of tone

    this speaks for itself.....
  3. judson

    Opinion on how bad this crack is ?

    i know the best way is to sand it down and see but this is an online auction that i really like the body and the money doesnt seem bad for looks like maybe just a surface crack but thats why i asked you guys with more knowledge than my pea brain could handle... its a gamble but i have...
  4. judson

    STOLEN GUITAR COLLECTION over 200 vintage guitars

    didnt know where to put this, so mods move it if you can....this sucks
  5. judson

    UV black light affect 2007 R8 with fading

    if so how long?...i just need to tone the red down a will sit near a window for a few upcoming months but someone mentioned black light UV would do it quicker.....thoughts?
  6. judson

    1 hour left for this 1970 Gibson husk auction eBait

    im out but its all yours...hurry
  7. judson


    wow i would love to grab this but its way over my level of skill..... i would think that some of the damage you cant see until you get it ready to string up and the neck snaps from an unseen termite eaten cavity a shame this was untouched for that long ...
  8. judson

    My first cracked neck repair, How long wait to string up?

    ok i am anxious as hell to play this new purchase but scared shitless to string it up and watch the neck separate .....:Ohno: my first...used original Titebond and clamp, read alot here and watched videos online, was pretty basic but made sure the crack was clean an fit perfect before i glued...
  9. judson

    WOW a 52 growing in the weeds !

    must be the wine in Italy
  10. judson

    1964 Firebird Polaris White & Cardinal Red wow!!!

    never saw one of these, would love to have it but dam that is pricey......just wanted to put this out there for the firebird fans.. hell who needs a retirement plan, i want this ...... :run: :wow:
  11. judson

    What type of wood is this? old shelf

    a friend asked me to take down three shelves in her closet only about 1'x2' and about 5/8th thick...the shelves just lifted off and were covered in foil contact paper .. house was built in early 70's so foil contact paper with a fugly design was period correct..the frame was metal.. i peeled...
  12. judson

    Ever flip your car over?
  13. judson

    62 strat demo by lemmo at Norms...kills it

    the guy will make you want to cut all your fingers off and never touch a guitar again .......or gives you a bit of inspiration....:shock:
  14. judson

    Monoprice 5 watt tube is back in stock $115.00 shipped

    got an email today they were back in stock and ready to ship.... a small tube amp for aound the price of a pedal ...why not ? :dunno: i still have use the original with reverb at home...good for what it is and i dont need it but i buy alot of gear i dont need.....dont lie, i know you guys do...
  15. judson

    Uncle Ted guitar and life lessons

    i was laughing my ass off this morning with uncle ted, i think this also has some great info for all level of players.....its long but you can always come back to it ...... i sat thru the hour as it was one the most entertaining and useful guitar vid i have ever watched...enjoy :dude:
  16. judson

    Claptons 1954 strat on the auction block $1.5M est

  17. judson

    Half Fretless Guitar video, What do you guys think?

    stumbled onto this video...i always wanted to try to play a fretless guitar, after watching this I know what i can do with my PRS SE that i dont really play anymore...seems like it would become a one trick pony but im not sure...anyway here it is :dunno:
  18. judson

    amp BIT me !!!! ok lesson learned

    so the power light in my little monoprice 15watt blew out a year or so ago, i would forget and leave the thing on too many times.... so i finally get some time for projects, had to buy a new entire light assembly as the bulb doesnt just pop or unscrew out get it all put together, tested ...
  19. judson

    WTB pick guard for Non Reverse Firebird or parts

    Been looking for a guard to hold P90's for my 60's non reverse Gibson Firebird, single or double cutouts prefer P90 cutouts but anything i will consider have seen the two guards on eBay and Reveb with triple cutouts, dont want that really. aftermarket, new , used , vintage ...doesnt matter...
  20. judson

    Steve Cropper Stax Records and other things...great interview

    how the business was back in the day...great listen

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