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  1. Tone Man Guitar

    Talking to that past that was almost always pretty - Smooth Jazz - Ibanez GB10SE

    Great tones. I have an Ibanez AG75. Did some tweaks, mods and pickup changes. It is my go to Jazz guitar.
  2. Tone Man Guitar

    Any suggestions on how to get more treble out of a fender 57 custom champ?

    Try making some minor changes in pickup height. One of the biggest improvements you can make to a guitar is pickup height adjustment. Measure before you change that way you can take them back to the original height if you don't like the outcome.
  3. Tone Man Guitar

    Les Paul's #1 Goldtop

    Wow! Love it!
  4. Tone Man Guitar

    NGD R8 Murphy Lab Ultra light aged

    Great looking guitar. Enjoy and stay well.
  5. Tone Man Guitar

    NGD: Gibson Les Paul Standard 50's Goldtop

    Great looking guitar. As long as it feels good to you. That all that maters. Enjoy it!
  6. Tone Man Guitar

    Vintage style 50's wiring kit recommendations

    Thank you! Glad you like our product.
  7. Tone Man Guitar

    Hi Thank you for the order. What name is it under so I can take a look at it and send you an up...

    Hi Thank you for the order. What name is it under so I can take a look at it and send you an up date.
  8. Tone Man Guitar

    So how old is everyone here?

    71 in January and still love what I do!
  9. Tone Man Guitar

    Edwards upgrade, TONE MAN Guitar Thank you

    Your are welcome. My pleasure.
  10. Tone Man Guitar

    Tone Man Guitar - Finest Prewired or DIY Parts only ugrade Kits - FREE USA Shipping - Online Store Is Open - Come On In - Gibson, Fender and Others.

    Hello MLP Members First let me thank you for your support and business over the years. You are the best! If you have not stopped by our Web Store lately please come on in. We are open and have added some new kits to our line up. Pre wired and DIY upgrade kits for Gibson, Epiphone, Fender and...

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