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  1. Sustainamaniac

    SAS is drunk AMSA!

    Or: (product description says it was created to be the world's best hangover cure) I'll take it over monster or any of that energy drink sh!t any day.
  2. Sustainamaniac


    My first experience being around rampant heroin abuse was during a trip to Vancouver, Canada. I was there as a part of a missions trip through my church, so we stayed in a church that was in the heart of the Downtown Eastside, partially because of prior connections with that church (I think) but...
  3. Sustainamaniac

    Dave Mustaine's on the cover of Guitar World

    I certainly agree with this assessment of Broderick. I had him as a guitar instructor for a few hours once upon a time as a part of Sweewater's master class series where they have small group lessons with super cool people like Broderick. As far as technical skill goes, he's absolutely...
  4. Sustainamaniac

    Black Keys "got to be" fuzz tone

    Should be plenty cheaper than picking up a couple extra amps though :laugh2:
  5. Sustainamaniac

    Black Keys "got to be" fuzz tone

    According to Guitar Player (or Guitar World, or some other guitar mag... idk) Auerbach uses two to three amps for most of his tones. So most likely he had a thick and fuzzed out tone like the one that you're getting right now running through one of his amps, and then another one or two set much...
  6. Sustainamaniac

    DigiTech Trio+

    I love that they've added a looper to the Trio. The main reason that I don't use mine now is because I felt like it was missing a lot by not keeping the loop as well. Obviously keeping the loop kinda makes the name unfitting for the pedal now, but I definitely thing it's a positive change. I...
  7. Sustainamaniac

    My hands hate me

    Try Jazz IIIs. I tend to get more pinch harmonics than I want with them.
  8. Sustainamaniac

    Kids today and playing musical instruments

    As a guitarist who is of the age to be considered in the "new generation of music/guitar" nowadays, I'm not all that worried about the fate of the guitar. Mostly because of the points brought up by InsertUsernameHere and E1WOODS, but also because I still know quite a number of good guitarists my...
  9. Sustainamaniac

    Apple vs the headphone jack.

    Typically none of that is actually noticeable and even if it is possible to hear the difference between "perfect" audio, it won't make enough of a difference to really affect things. I've spent some time studying audio engineering and talking to professors doing research on this sort of thing...
  10. Sustainamaniac

    Guitar Objectives for 2016

    1. Record, record, and record some more 2. Put out an EP with my band and have it be of high enough quality that I'll be proud of it 3. Graduate from open mics to real gigs Hopefully I can at least get the first one :D
  11. Sustainamaniac

    buckethead !

    I definitely agree with you on Pike 65. It's the crown jewel of the pikes thus far.
  12. Sustainamaniac

    buckethead !

    I think Buckethead has tarnished whatever respect that average guitarist or music lover had for him with the Pikes series. There are certainly some gems among them, but they certainly feel unfinished.
  13. Sustainamaniac

    buckethead !

    That is a really good live version of that song. It's a real shame that he shows no signs of touring again.
  14. Sustainamaniac

    Why Do People Shake Their Guitars In Demo Videos?

    I think that's going in my sig :laugh2::laugh2:
  15. Sustainamaniac

    New Guitar, Amplifer, and New Member

    Welcome to the forum! It's cool to have another railhammer user around here. I have a set of chisels in my PTP and they're awesome!
  16. Sustainamaniac

    Ensure your hedgehog is warm this winter..

    Dude hedgehogs are the frickin' best things ever. I got to pet one for the first time, and i'm pretty sure my whole life is downhill from that moment. They're adorable. Also I have one for my avatar. It's cool.
  17. Sustainamaniac

    The Guitarists Confessional Booth - Your 6-string sins

    I played Stairway to Heaven in a guitar store once.
  18. Sustainamaniac

    I really dig the Carvin JB 24.

    I'd suggest guitar wanking and posting to MLP simultaneously to fit in with all of the jerkoff commentors on your posts. :hmm:
  19. Sustainamaniac

    Finals week- last test

    I'm currently sh!tposting on here instead of studying for finals... Thanks for the reminder to get back at it :laugh2: I only have three finals next week, but they're going to be awfully rough. I'm studying engineering at a school that prides itself on its 2.8 average GPA and abstaining from...
  20. Sustainamaniac

    I really dig the Carvin JB 24.

    Hadn't ever heard of him doing that, so I went and found a video of him doing that live in concert... I have no words :laugh2:

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