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  1. donthewatcher

    When did Gibson or Epihone make a LesPaul Custom Tobacco Burst ? any pics..

    wHEN DID epi or gibson make a LesPaul Custom in Tobacco sunburst ? any pics if people have this model...........
  2. donthewatcher

    Im addicted to Epiphone Les Paul Customs (not in denial)

    what a habit it started with a epiphone $149 studio,(the gateway) i was a novice, than i traded for a Plus top pro (ocean blue) sweating started then i craved the 1959 Les paul standard, my 1st fix was a 2011 Bonamassa Goldtop (burstbuckers2/3) boy did that fix me... than i experimented...
  3. donthewatcher

    2017 Epi Les Paul Custom w 490r/498t Pickups Have you made changes to yours? [Deleted]

    This thread is for the general discussion of the guitar 2017 Epiphone Les Paul Custom w 490r/498t Pickups. Please add to the discussion here.

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