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  1. hobosunited247

    Post your setup!!!

    Guitars amps pedals and all that.
  2. hobosunited247

    string gauges and tunings?

    What string gauges and tunings do you use?
  3. hobosunited247

    Rivers Cuomo Signature Stratocaster???

    Who are some people that should have a signature strat? I vote Rivers Cuomo.
  4. hobosunited247

    Song titles.

    Alright, I need a song title for my song. Make it interesting.
  5. hobosunited247

    Best 7 string tuning???

    Just curious if the BEADGBE tuning isn't the only thing used. Probably gonna use a 7 string for recording later this year. :slash:
  6. hobosunited247

    Anyone heard of Exit 55???

    Has anyone heard of Exit 55, a venue in Davenport, FL?
  7. hobosunited247

    Anyone avoid Guitar Center unless absolutely nessecary?

    I used to go there all the time. I'd usually find the guitar I was saving up for, play it for a few minutes, buy a few packs of strings, and leave. Being 13, (not bragging), having perfect pitch and 10 years of musical experience, I get pissed off when moms make their little boys find the...
  8. hobosunited247

    Pedalboard Building

    So I am considering building a pedalboard to my specs. I want the following: -Compressor (considering CS-2) -Noise Suppressor/Gate -Overdrive (Tube Screamer or Wylde overdrive) -Delay -Phaser I already have a Crybaby and a Metal Zone, but I really only use it for my side project...
  9. hobosunited247

    Douche Bands

    I saw this band somewhere and they list their influences. Do some of these bands seem douchey? Alter Bridge Avenged Sevenfold Breaking Benjamin Chevelle Dream Theater A Day To Remember The Dillinger Escape Plan Kings of Leon Periphery Red Hot Chilli Peppers Vildhjarta Weezer Never heard of...
  10. hobosunited247

    Band names!!!

    Hi. I'm the lead guitarist of a 5-piece alt-metal band (not metalcore, hardcore, or any core, remember that :) ) and we are looking for a band name. Our influences range from Alter Bridge and Chevelle to Weezer and Dream Theater. Any suggestions? Thanks :slash:
  11. hobosunited247

    This forum has got another new guy...

    Yeah, I'll admit. I'm a noob on this forum. I still know my shit though. It would be nice if you guys added me...:thumb:
  12. hobosunited247

    Whats up

    What's up MLP Community?
  13. hobosunited247

    Squier Mod?

    Alright, so I have this Squier that I bought a while ago (2006), and the thing is a piece of shit. The neck, once you play past the 12th fret, is all screwed up. The pickups are dead and rusted. There's not even a tremolo on it. Would it be worth it to fix it up again? I really want to know...
  14. hobosunited247


    So, I have a 2009 Gibson Les Paul Studio Worn Cherry. It is my baby. I run it through a Bogner/Line 6 Spider Valve. If you don't know, my Gibson comes stock with Gibson Burstbucker Pros. What I really want is to find perfect tone. I play everything from Avenged Sevenfold to Weezer (Blue...

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