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  1. neoclassical

    Round Core or Hex Core Strings on your Les Paul?

    I'd go back to round core pure nickel strings if I could get them in 8's, but I used to love the DR Pure Blues.
  2. neoclassical

    Limited Runs?

    This is my 05 Standard Ltd Ed in Black Cherry. It's one of 275 iirc. I think the only differences are color, head plate decoration, and ebony fretboard. I believe they were from guitar center.
  3. neoclassical

    Face and neck tattoos

    I don't think its a good look on your face, but who gives a $hit. It's the employer that needs to get over their hangups if they can't get past appearances to the person within.
  4. neoclassical

    LP Custom Neck Relief, Differences between E strings

    At the shop we build a slight amount of relief into the bass side to compensate for string vibration, those are classical guitars, and cuatro, but the bass strings on electrics may need it as well. It should not look like a twist though.
  5. neoclassical

    Dream Guitar/Guitar Porn

    Either a 3 pup SG with sideway vibrola like Iommi's, or an LP Custom Lite (I've been gassing for one since I passed on one and bought a standard).
  6. neoclassical

    What pickups are in your Les Pauls ?

    LP standard Seth Lover bridge (formerly a BKP Holy Diver) Alnico II Pro neck
  7. neoclassical

    Aging hardware on the guitar?

    They are nickel (SD p'ups). I just don't have the motivation to remove and reinstall them.
  8. neoclassical

    Aging hardware on the guitar?

    I'll admit it, I feel lazy and don't want to remove my pickups, but the new covers are too new and shiny. Is there something I can use to knock the shine down without removing them? Something acidic to wipe on and off etc?
  9. neoclassical

    What pickups are in your Les Pauls ?

    Seth Lover bridge And Alnico Pro II neck Both covered for now.
  10. neoclassical

    Best way to clean these frets?

    This: Follow with a soft Dremel wheel and polishing rouge then wipe with naptha or mineral spirits to clean away the rouge and condition the board with mineral oil. You'll love the feel.
  11. neoclassical

    Book/Video/Course Rec Please

    What is a good book etc for improving my blues soloing and blues based rock soloing? I've played mainly diatonic mode based licks for so long, I need to work with pentatonic based solos. Any recommendations? TIA
  12. neoclassical

    Underwater Atomic Bomb Blast - 1958

    So I'm not the only person that watches these things.
  13. neoclassical

    Unpotted Alnico II = Gooooooodneeeesssssssss

    Until today I've never had and AII mag pup that I liked. Usually they were out of my axe within an hour of playing. The Seth Lover bridge is sitting exactly whereI wanted to hear it, AND palm muting didn't turn to mush. Its a keeper.
  14. neoclassical

    When did PAFs get wax potted?

    Yes, a heavily modded Laney. P90 tones are spot on for the Evil Woman don't... tones, and the first album, but I want Paranoid and Master. I'm also looking at an LA30BL with an mv mod.
  15. neoclassical

    When did PAFs get wax potted?

    @Malchik The arthritis makes me play the same gauges as Iommi and I've been doing deep dives into his style for years since we both have left hand issues. Rumor has it the Monkey's bridge p90 is a stock gibson with a nickel cover.
  16. neoclassical

    When did PAFs get wax potted?

    Thank you ARandall. I've used 59s for metal before, they are actually one of my favorite pups. I'm trying to stay true to Iommi's tone (same treble booster etc) and I hear a raucousness and almost feedback in that tone that suggests an unpotted pup like the Seth Lover or Antiquity. The potting...
  17. neoclassical

    When did PAFs get wax potted?

    I did like the burstbucker pros that were in there before, but they weren't what I thought I needed at the time, so I sold them.
  18. neoclassical

    When did PAFs get wax potted?

    I'm trying to figure out if I want a Duncan 59 to replace the Holy Diver in my LP's bridge position, or a Seth Lover. I'm playing mostly old school doom and proto metal and some modern doom metal (a ton of the first 3 Black Sabbath lps). I'm trying to emulate Iommi's LP tone on Hand of Doom from...
  19. neoclassical

    What's the deal with LP weight?

    2005 LP standard ltd ed. 9.2lbs. Now I know.
  20. neoclassical

    What's the deal with LP weight?

    I have no idea how much my LP weighs? It is heavy.

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