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  1. Thundermtn

    The most unfriendly looking house I ever saw.

    Check this baby out. Pointy teeth. Furrowed brow. Angry eyes. Poison ivy. For those of you that have saw the movie Monster House, you'll notice the picture is taken from behind the fence. I fully expected a Mr. Nebbercracker "Get off my lawn!" at any second. If this pic was taken four seconds...
  2. Thundermtn

    Finally! Vintage Supro Holiday

    Safari score! I've been looking for a rhino and black grilled lightning bolt vintage Supro like this for three years and marketplace finally turned one up, just a quick 8+ hour drive lol. It's a 1623 Holiday that dates to early '60, will be rocking it with my Classic '60 once it's gone through...
  3. Thundermtn

    The Cowboy Hat Movie

    I watch a bunch of documentary stuff on Prime all the time and ran across this thing. If you love Westerns and history you'll love it. It gave examples of why people wore them then and now, and what it does as a visual cue to the character of the wearer of that hat. Black hat = bad guy, white...
  4. Thundermtn

    CDC issue guidelines for inevitable zombie apocalypse.

    Polish your Colts and sharpen your swords.
  5. Thundermtn

    I found my Toppelgänger

    I wonder how many of us have a guitar twin? A few years back I was out testing amps with my '01 Classic. One of the places I went was a shop that had a lot of first hand experience with Bursts. When I took the guitar out of it's case the guy almost instantly remarked that it had a really...
  6. Thundermtn

    Epiphone Jared James Nichols Gold Glory

    Anyone else interested in this? I don't know if I'll get one as soon as they hit the stores but I'm certainly thinking about one. <iframe width="560" height="315" src="" frameborder="0" allow="accelerometer...
  7. Thundermtn


    Oh man! Look at this baby! Been looking for red 22" for a couple months and finally found one. My son and I put it together during the blizzard. Today is the first day above freezing in two weeks so it's time to break this cherry red bad boy in. I forgot how much less charcoal the 22"...
  8. Thundermtn

    What the heck is this song about?

    Time to iron this out. Is it sex, drugs, rock-n-roll, some amalgamation of all three, or something else completely.
  9. Thundermtn

    It's happening!

    So my oldest LP is starting to become something else, more than the '01 Classic it was, which was a darn good handpicked to begin with. About 2-3 months ago I noticed it was becoming more alive in my hands. I chalked it up to wintertime humidity and setup somehow magically complimenting each...
  10. Thundermtn

    Why is ZZ Top More Famous Than Mountain?

    Is it because ZZ Top made it big with Eliminator and MTV? They both have the same sort of feel in their playing and songs. They both have excellent guitar tone, but in his younger years Leslie had better vocals and his vibrato is in my top five players ever. Felix's bass tone and groove for me...
  11. Thundermtn

    What music do you surf MLP to?

    Most of the time when I'm on here I have something going on for background noise. Not only does it sort of hide my tinnitus but it's also is like watching a race with the tv volume turned up, it's just better some how. Lately it's been this in another window. <iframe width="560" height="315"...
  12. Thundermtn

    Most angry sounding guitar ever?

    What does it sound like? Who played it and with what gear? Not just sort of mad, full fledged po'd. If tone was an animal this should be a T-Rex with double rabies. Go.......
  13. Thundermtn

    Your coolest stage pic contest.

    A little contest for people that played out. Post the most B.A. stage pic of you/your band, post with the most likes by Monday morning wins. I'll open, that's me on the right with the SxS stack and the red BCR Beast in some dive bar in '06-'07.

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