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  1. Lwilliams

    2018 Classic - opinions????

    I am looking at a 2018 Classic in Pelham Blue. Beautiful guitar. I have little to no experience with P90 guitars. How do you guys like these? I currently have the Historics and a 1976 Custom. So this will be something familiar in feel but totally different in tone.
  2. Lwilliams

    NGD: 2018 R9 Royal Teaburst

    Just added this to my stable. My initial impression is WOW!
  3. Lwilliams

    While antique shopping today..........

    I saw a guitar case and immediately my "spider sense" went off. Opening the case I find an Alpine White Epi Les Paul Custom. Near mint except for the wear on the treble sides of the gold pickup covers. The white has nicely yellowed. It had no scratches at all and all original hardware...
  4. Lwilliams

    2004 Epiphone 1963 Firebird Reissue

    I have my Epi Firebird for sale. This is a great guitar, but I really don't need two Firebirds. For MLP members, I will do $760 shipped and Paypal'd in the CONUS. You can see it on the Reverb listing:
  5. Lwilliams

    2004 Epi '63 Firebird VII

    I just acquired this guitar in a trade deal and I am super impressed!!! i will get some pics up -- hopefully tomorrow. But I need someone to help me out a little here. I can't get an answer from Epi/Gibby. What is the pickup switching on this? All solder joints are untouched....still...
  6. Lwilliams

    Found an Elitist me...

    Does the Elitist LPC really sound like a custom? I wonder since it has a rosewood fretboard instead of ebony. I have owned Customs and currently have a '76. Of course, they have ebony boards. The one I have found is mint condition - black beauty. So, I just wonder if it will really...
  7. Lwilliams

    NGD - 2006 Elitist Les Paul Standard Plus

    I have searched for this quite a while. And this one is near mint condition. Absolutely gorgeous. 8.8 pounds and has OHSC. Previous owner installed straplocks. The originals are in the case and I will put them on tonight. I was looking for one with a "vintage" looking...
  8. Lwilliams

    New Trib + vs. Elitist plus

    Trying to decide between a new Tribute Plus that is upgraded with Bone nut and Plek'd...........or a 2006 Elitist Standard Plus. The Elitist is almost unplayed. The only thing is the stock pickups were replaced with SD APH-1b and APH-1n. Maybe this is a upgrade?? The money is about $170...
  9. Lwilliams

    Trib + back covers

    I want to replace the cream colored back cavity covers with dark brown versions. Does anyone know if the regular Gibson LP version will fit without modification?
  10. Lwilliams

    NDG 2016 Firebird T

    Just arrived yesterday. Couldn't open the box until today. I am very impressed. Tried buying a couple Firebirds over the last 10 years. Returned them as they were not good. I bought my first 'bird back in 1979. It was a 1976 Bicentennial 'bird. That was a great guitar. I sold it due...
  11. Lwilliams

    NGD (coming) 2001 '61 SG Standard

    This guitar should be to me on Wed or Thur depending on FedEx. It is supposed to be near mint and never altered or changed in any way. From Pictures, it looks perfect. This version is complete with the Gibson Maestro. I am not too "up" on the specific model. Is there anything to...
  12. Lwilliams

    2010 Les Paul Custom Contruction??

    Does anyone know for certain if the 2010 Les Paul Custom from the Gibson Custom Shop have a weight-relieved, swiss-cheese, body? Also, is the fretboard still Ebony in this particular year?
  13. Lwilliams

    2010 LP Custom value?

    What would be the "right" price to pay for 2010 LP Custom. It is Black with Gold hardware. MINT condition. With all case candy. Looks like it's never been played. Has the COA. Need opinions here. I've been out of the solidbody market for 2 years. Been buying acoustics and have...
  14. Lwilliams

    1990 Les Paul Custom ????

    What are the details for a stock 1990 Les Paul Custom? Past Norlin, yes? Body? Neck construction? Pickups? Making a deal to acquire one now. Just want to know for certain. This one is a Black Beauty.....and will be a mate to my 1976 LPC BB!
  15. Lwilliams

    Les Paul Historic R0 - Washed Cherry

    I am selling off a lot of guitars starting with this one. May be able to work a deal for a forum member if interested.
  16. Lwilliams

    Les Paul Supreme

    Just wondering what everyone's thoughts are about the Les Paul Supreme. Thinking about adding one to my collection. Any positive or negative thoughts?:hmm:
  17. Lwilliams

    FS/FT: 2009 PRS Ted McCarty DC245 Sunburst with 57/08's MINT LOWER PRICE

    I truly love this guitar. But it is really just sitting in the case as mint as the day I got it. Bought it new, has all Case Candy, unfilled Warranty Card, Hang Tags....just as new. Original case is mint also. Of course it has the 57/08 pickups too! Original MAP pricing was $3014.00 (LIST...
  18. Lwilliams

    Pat sticker pickup question

    What or when was the pat sitcker pickup WITHOUT the T top made. I have a couple of these and don't see many references about them?
  19. Lwilliams

    WTB: worn gold Gibson pickup covers

    The thread title says it all. If you have any to sell, contact me with details at [email protected]
  20. Lwilliams

    Gold pickup covers

    Where can I buy some worn, "relic'd", gold pickup covers? I can find new ones everywhere, but that's not what I want. Anyone know? Thanks!

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