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  1. LesAdrian

    NAD Laney VC30

    Great amp, sounds fenomenal.Nice clean and dirts and articulates more the sound of my wah.Great buy.
  2. LesAdrian

    Valvestate vs102r Price??

    Hello guys. I'm selling a VM 2466 half stack but some person offer me a Valvestate plus a cash. The problem is that i don't find any info of this amp. I want to know what is it price and when this amp was released. Thank you :thumb:
  3. LesAdrian

    Need a new neck pickup.

    I have Epi Standard with a Dimarzio SD in the bridge and a Gibson 490r in the neck.This 490r doesn't sound good to my ears now.I'll put it for sale. Any good pup to match my SD?
  4. LesAdrian

    As you said it,everything is possible in Norlins

    An early 70s Standard WITHOUT pancake body.A wonderfull piece. Vintage Gibson Les Paul Guitar | eBay I learn something every day.:laugh2:
  5. LesAdrian

    Which Boss RC for me?

    The RC 3 sounds great but i was looking at the rc 30 and does it worth the money?Or should i buy digitech? Which is better? Thanks
  6. LesAdrian

    Effect identification?

    Hi guys please look at the video and tell me which is this effect. Starts in 4:32 1981 Gibson Les Paul Standard Wine Demo - YouTube Thank you.:)
  7. LesAdrian

    Need a little help with you guys.

    Happy New Year for all of you guys. Sorry for bother you but i need your help. Look,i have a proyect about having a guitar shop here in Costa Rica.The stores here aren't anything like GC.Some stores are quite big but not excessive.I want to bring Gibsons,Fenders,Marshalls and all that...
  8. LesAdrian

    Do you love this finish?

    I really do.Mostly i like Lps than Sgs but this one blow me out.
  9. LesAdrian

    Cc# 7

    November Rain guys.:dude:
  10. LesAdrian

    What could happen if bring a kitty in the house if i already have a dog?

    Well I'm not the real owner of my dog but i love him too much to cause him any sadness or slight and he's very special with all my family.Actually my brother and my dad are the ones who bring this beautiful dog to the house.And i want a cat soo bad. What could happen? I appreciate your help.
  11. LesAdrian

    Can somebody tell me what kind of Cat is this one?

    I'm looking for this grey\black kitty.
  12. LesAdrian

    Which stuff should i buy to use Dunlop Talkbox?

    Hi This effect is one of my favorites and some people use it with a mic and other stuff that i don't know. So,which are those objects that i would need?Can you make a kind of list please? Thank you
  13. LesAdrian

    This reissue is Gorgerous.

    12 GIBSON LES PAUL CUSTOM 70'S HERITAGE GLOSS OHSC/COA EBONY FB TAPERED NECK | eBay The volute is kinda awful.Otherwise beautiful.
  14. LesAdrian

    My Vintage Modern 2466 is COMPLETE BABY!!!!!

    As you know i bought the head 5 months ago and it have been resting since then.Yesterday i received the cab from GC and i plug the head inmediately to the cab and guess what:THE TONE IN INSANE!!!!:shock::wow:.It worth every penny and it's my first tube amp.The Greenbacks are excellent.Anyway...
  15. LesAdrian

    HIPER Les Paul Warning FAKE!!!

  16. LesAdrian

    In which way do you afford Gibsons?

    I want to have one but i not work yet because i'm 17 and i'm already paying an amp.Which of this ways are more easier to you for afford gibbys? 1.You already got the money. 2.Pay it with credit card and give some money per month. 3.Your parents give it to you. 4.Any layaway system?
  17. LesAdrian

    Did you see this RARE thing in China?

    Real or Fake?I don't know. AWESOME teleportation in China - Impresionante teleportación en China - YouTube I know that you are thinking bad just because is China but maybe it's possible.
  18. LesAdrian

    Do you know which could be a Great idea?

    A concert of just MLP members.
  19. LesAdrian

    Do you know any MLP member in real life?

    Just wondering.:hmm: I mean face to face
  20. LesAdrian

    Earthquake in Costa Rica

    You can't believe how hard was this earthquake.It was 7.9 scale.It felt like 50 seconds. Hopefully i was with my mom and with my dog out side of the house.Some objects fell but everything is OK thanks God.

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