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  1. neoclassical

    Aging hardware on the guitar?

    I'll admit it, I feel lazy and don't want to remove my pickups, but the new covers are too new and shiny. Is there something I can use to knock the shine down without removing them? Something acidic to wipe on and off etc?
  2. neoclassical

    Book/Video/Course Rec Please

    What is a good book etc for improving my blues soloing and blues based rock soloing? I've played mainly diatonic mode based licks for so long, I need to work with pentatonic based solos. Any recommendations? TIA
  3. neoclassical

    Unpotted Alnico II = Gooooooodneeeesssssssss

    Until today I've never had and AII mag pup that I liked. Usually they were out of my axe within an hour of playing. The Seth Lover bridge is sitting exactly whereI wanted to hear it, AND palm muting didn't turn to mush. Its a keeper.
  4. neoclassical

    When did PAFs get wax potted?

    I'm trying to figure out if I want a Duncan 59 to replace the Holy Diver in my LP's bridge position, or a Seth Lover. I'm playing mostly old school doom and proto metal and some modern doom metal (a ton of the first 3 Black Sabbath lps). I'm trying to emulate Iommi's LP tone on Hand of Doom from...
  5. neoclassical

    Peter Green and Matamp?

    Where should I start with Greenie if I want to hear the original Matamp GT120? I've heard a few songs with him playing, but what should I also consider essential.
  6. neoclassical

    John Birch Simplux and Superflux?

    I'm thinking of ordering a set for my SG Classic, but I've been burned on an international order. Can anyone recommend what I'm guessing is a hottish P90 for that classic Iommi-like doom metal tone? I'm also open to other P90 sounds as well, I just don't like my stock bridge pup as much as I...
  7. neoclassical

    Life, don't talk to me about life...

    Maybe I have way too much time to think about crap. Is anyone else having trouble being their age? Idk how else to describe it, but I just never thought I would get to 46, and if I did I thought I would have my sh!t together. -Be looking at retirement instead of working until the day I die...
  8. neoclassical

    ISO dead empty 12 inch combo

    I need a housing for a single 12 inch speaker so I can run my micro terror in the living room. Your totally dead/empty cheapo combo amp hull would be perfect. I can't find anything locally (Beacon, NY). PM me if you have something.
  9. neoclassical

    I'm a new apprentice

    I bugged a local luthier -actually I wanted him to look at my Les Paul to see if there was anything I could do to make it even easier to play and ask about fretwork and I mentioned how much I love classical guitars, and would love to build them despite being a shite classical player. So a couple...
  10. neoclassical

    HNGD to me! Epi SG Classic

    This is my first Epi and first axe purchased online (Sweetwater) and I am amazed! Except for 1 finish blem that I can live with, and lowering the treble side action 1/64th" she is as good as I would have picked from a local store. The tongue has some nice fall away, and the neck is dead...
  11. neoclassical

    Looking for an SG -Orville?

    I'm looking for an SG, the new Epiphones look nice (SG Classic, Classic worn I might want p90's and the Standard). I'm also open to MIJ versions. I've yet to be disappointed with axes from Japan. Their fretwork is always great, they shred etc. Would it be worth spending more on an Orville with...
  12. neoclassical

    Beano Boost?

    Does anyone here own a Beano Boost? What's good and bad about it? I've narrowed down my choices to the AM Beano, Black Cat War Pig (good price but $33 to ship from England), Fulltone Ranger (I like the bias option), or if I have $$ when they drop R2R. The main question is, does it Iommi? Do it...
  13. neoclassical

    Sudden Setup Issues

    I switched over to 8 gauge strings a couple weeks ago bc of arthritis and related pains. The good thing is I can bend strings like I'm a teenager again and my touch is MUCH lighter. The bad part is I cannot get my action back down to where it was with 10's or to stop buzzing, and sometimes...
  14. neoclassical

    Belly scarf recs

    Is there anyone in the Beacon-Poughkeepsie, NY area or anyone there you would recommend to cut a belly scarf into my LP? It's not a vintage piece, has mods etc and I don't plan on selling it. It would allow me to pull her in closer and make her a more intimate and comfortable instrument. The...
  15. neoclassical

    Definitive top wrap and bridge direction threads?

    I can't find a definitive answer. Can someone please direct me to the threads that will tell me: Why I would like to top wrap my strings/what happens if I raise my tail peice (Faber with spacers). What way "should/most common direction" the intonation screws on my bridge face, pup, or...
  16. neoclassical

    LP pickup surprise.

    I had some time today and decided to swap the BKP Holy diver and Jazz neck in my LP back to the Burstbucker Pros and suddenly I'm hearing what I want to hear out of both positions. The Holy diver (6 and 7 string) is great in every guitar I have except for the LP. It doesn't sound bad, just not...
  17. neoclassical

    Color bleed?

    I have an 05 Standard (special ed) in Black Cherry with cream binding etc. I'm getting red bleeding into the binding, on the rings, on the old nut. Has anyone ever seen this before? I've removed it twice, but it keeps happening.
  18. neoclassical

    FS/FT Voodoo Modded Marshall

    Brief & Accurate Description of gear:/ Voodoo Amps modded Marshall TSL 100 head. Modifications (if any): Voodoo's standard metal mod. Hear it on our CD: Fenrismaw This Mod picks up where the Senes Mod leaves off (more gain) Greatly improved clean tones - more airy/chimey/open sounding & lush...
  19. neoclassical

    Christmas surprise

    My mother in law surprised me with a Faber locking ABR1 and insert kit. I actually took it off my list in favor of some model building supplies but got it anyway. I think it is going to solve the brightness issue I've been having with my LP (possibly due to the Resomax bridge. I haven't plugged...
  20. neoclassical

    Newer Uriah Heep

    Outsider and Into the Wild are f*cking great! Mick Box's playing and tone are so much better now than the couple older albums I heard growing up.

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