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  1. Sky

    SG Advice

    Hello everyone at MLP! I've come for the advice from much more experienced members! I'm wanting to get into the world of the lovely SG! This is one that caught my eye...but it has damage, replaced parts, and a strange neck repair at the joint. Is this too much risk? Does it lack value...
  2. Sky

    FS/FT Fender Custom Shop 51 Nocaster

    2017 Fender Custom Shop 51 Nocaster Butterscotch Relic! Interested in selling or trading for a Gibson SG or possibly other offers. Nocaster
  3. Sky

    Hello, again.

    Hello everyone here at MLP! I remember joining this wonderful place as a young teenager. Met a lot of wonderful people, had great discussions, traded gear, and really enjoyed it here. Stumbled upon a few old passwords and found my way back here. Just wanted to say hello to everyone, old...
  4. Sky


    It's been awhile since I've been here...How's everyone been?
  5. Sky


    The titties are nice but the things you guys are saying is disturbing. :shock: Also...who has seen this video? The dancing is hilarious. :laugh2: Stone Temple Pilots Wicked Garden LiVE tv 1993 stp HD 2013 - YouTube
  6. Sky

    NGD! Gold!

    Before : After : Well, not really a new guitar but it's been rebuilt, the only stock pieces are the screws, springs and plastics. Warmoth one-piece Indian Rosewood neck, Callaham tone block and bar, Custom wound Red Bobbin pickups, Red push back cloth and an awesome 1960's...
  7. Sky


    I've had a love/hate relationship with my Fender for quite some time...Long story short I caught her on fire! (; Time for a project!
  8. Sky

    FS/FT - American Standard Strat Neck

    I have a standard slim contour American Strat neck that came on my FSR It is maple and has vintage tuner holes but I'm using the tuners on my new project, I can include the original staggered tuners if needed though. It's in used condition with an indent on the 14th fret, you can see it but...
  9. Sky

    Just bummed...

    I'm sorry MLP family...I just gotta vent... Had a terrible band fight a few days ago, other guitarist lost it and started breaking peoples equipment and shortly after rehearsal turned to a brawl...bloody mess and cops had to intervene...Safe to say he's not in the band anymore. My first show...
  10. Sky

    Vintage Trini Lopez

    Took my R7 into the shop today to get her re setup...damn January weather. Anyhow while I was there the manager showed me the store owners 60's Trini Lopez, what a sweet axe! Here's exactly what she looked like...
  11. Sky

    My First Les Paul

    I've been on this forum for 5 years now and just bought my very first Gibson... A 2011 1957 Reissue...This thing kills!
  12. Sky

    Birthday Cake

    I didn't even put my own name on my Birthday cake this year. :laugh2:
  13. Sky


    So I've discovered my love for the Blues, it's taken me 17 years of living but I did it. I just posted a short clip of my playing on my SoundCloud. Recorded with my American Strat and Marshall... How's the tone? I'd love some feedback guys! - Sky
  14. Sky


    I have own the Vox 847A Wah which I love to death, it has incredible sweep from deep lows to soaring high end but just recently played the Vox 846 Hand Wired Wah and let me tell ya...this sucker is amazing. Not nearly as much sweep or range as the 847A to my ears and I was unable to do my...
  15. Sky

    My Strat

    Here she is...The first Guitar I bought with my own hard earned money...Fender FSR. Gotta love the color!
  16. Sky


    Both of the Schecters with my JCM2000. Great guitars for the money!
  17. Sky

    Sky's music

    Hello everyone at MLP! I hope everyone here is doing well and has a great upcoming holiday season. Aside from Guitar I've been teaching myself Bass, Piano, Drums, Singing and have gotten into Recording and Producing lately. Here's a few of my songs, I hope you guys enjoy...
  18. Sky

    New Track

    Check out this new track my buddy Nigel and I recorded. Nigel recorded the Bass and mixed everything and I recorded the Guitar. 092711 by Nigel Wolf on SoundCloud - Create, record and share your sounds for free
  19. Sky

    A part of tonights gig

    SMOKE JAM Please give it a listen and tell me what you think. :) ‪SKY DOG YELLA - SMOKE live‬‏ - YouTube
  20. Sky

    How's my playing?

    Hello MLP, long time away... Here's a video of my newest band Lies We Portray during our third practice together and the Bassist's audition. I'm in the black, I'd love some feedback on my playing! :) ‪Lights and Sirens full band‬‏ - YouTube

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