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  1. nwobhm

    FS Smokin set of THROBAK zebra MC-102B MXV pickups

    PG-102 set is sold 2. Throbak mc-102b zebra, no covers. 7.7k neck UA5, 9.1k bridge A4 ZEBRA. $325 OBO SHIPPED LOWER 48. I frequently get requests for a low resistance neck, higher resistance bridge vintage spec. PAF pickup set. So when one day a customer requested a set PAF humbucker repro set...
  2. nwobhm

    FS 06 Epiphone Japan Les Paul Junior Laquer Series price drop

    FS Lower 48 only. 06' Epiphone japan laquer series Les Paul Junior in tobacco burst with gig bag. Made for a short time, then discontinued. Has a very thin laquer finish, like nitro. Open book headstock, 2 screw TRC. Great player, very, LITE. has CTS Pots, Switchcraft jack and NOS russian...
  3. nwobhm

    SOLD FS 06 Epiphone Japan Les Paul Special TV yellow

    SOLD!!!fs to lower 48 only. 06' Made In Japan Les Paul Special, Laquer Series.Very lite! They only made these for a few years and were discontinued. Open book headstock, 2 screw TRC. Has a really thin laquer finish, like nitro. Has a few bite marks and chips around the jack. The color is tv...
  4. nwobhm

    sold!!!FS DIMARZIO 36th anniversary,cream,bridge, reg

    For sale; Dimarzio 36th anniversary bridge, cream regular spacing, like new. SOLD!!! shipped to the lower 48,full 4 conductor lead, paypal accepted.
  5. nwobhm

    Made In Sweden burst?

    Came across this band from the 70's, looks like a Burst.
  6. nwobhm

    New Sheavy

    New for 2013 from Sheavy out of New Foundland. Totality- Sheavy - YouTube
  7. nwobhm

    nylon 6/6 nut

    I just bought a few nylon 6/6 nut blanks and switched out the nuts on a 1980 Hamer Sunburst and a 2006 G0 that had the corian nut. My guitar guy, never used them before so, I was interested to hear his opinion. He confirmed, what I had read about it being a really hard and rigid material. He...
  8. nwobhm

    05' MIJ Epiphone LQ HONEYBURST player

    2005 Japanese made, Limited edition LQ series Les Paul, 59 specs 18 degree headstock angle, long neck tenon, lite weighT, around 8.5 lb. Warm and resonant, medium chunky one piece neck. 2 piece center seam body. Has a really thin laquer finish, with a few dings the most noticeable is right...
  9. nwobhm

    sHeavy fan? Check out WOK!

    Wizards Of Kaos is one of Dan Moore's post sHeavy bands. Good solid metal:dude: Wizards of Kaos - Bombs and Gasoline - YouTube Wizards of Kaos - White Face - YouTube
  10. nwobhm

    Refretted the old 53'

    Got this back in 95' already refinned and refretted but, it was refretted with tiny ass frets and this guitar has a soft neck angle, making it a bitch to play! Last year, I took it to Mark Kane over at Fat Sound. Mark, transformed it into a dream to play! Frets, I think 6105? a little taller and...
  11. nwobhm

    Orange Goblin A Eulogy For The Damned

    These guys have been around since the mid 90's boom of stoner type metal. This new release seams to be different than there earlier material. Full of tight epic Heavy Metal riffing with plenty of hooks. I'm diggin it!:) Orange Goblin - Acid Trial - YouTube
  12. nwobhm

    Procol Harum Burst tone.

    Anyone know the story on this Burst? Procol Harum - Bringing Home The Becon - YouTube
  13. nwobhm

    Any Boomerang fans?

    I just recently heard these guys Boomerang. Fronted by Mark Stein of Vanilla Fudge. Only put out one album in 71'. The guitarists was supposedly 15 or 16 at the time, good stuff.
  14. nwobhm

    NGD 1980 Hamer Sunburst/Special

    This is basically a Special but, it has Sunburst on the headstock with no body binding, like a Special!!
  15. nwobhm


    "SOLD"HANDWOUND JS Moore, Hybrid Humbucker, 4 conductor naturally worn from playing, gold cover. 4 conductor. Like a slightly over wound PAF, plain enamel wire. Description from Jon's website: Hybrid: Seriously mis-matched coils, generally 2 Kohm ( 4.5k and 6.5k for example) which is great for...
  16. nwobhm


    "SOLD"I had Dave make these for me for my 81' Hamer Special in double cream bridge and reverse zebra neck. 9.5k Duanebucker bridge, 7.8k brownbucker neck. Sold the guitar and kept the pickups. These are wound entirely by hand without aid of a machine. Very rich and warm with clarity. $200...
  17. nwobhm

    FS Motorcity, Torque set rare, Angel Dust bridge pickup zebra

    Selling to lower 48 0nly shipped/paypaled 1 set of Motorcity Torques in black, 14.5K bridge, 7.9k neck Vintage Hot. Discontinued set and rare, special gauge plain enamel wire used. $150.00 shipped.paypaled. and finally 1 reverse zebra Angel Dust, 4 conductor, Vintage hot bridge pickup a little...
  18. nwobhm

    nogd 2001 Sg Classic, Ebony stain

    Well, I should have gotten one of these 10 years ago, a 2001 SG Classic in ebony stain, looks black in low lite and dark brown with grain in the sun or brite light. I've had maybe a half dozen different SG's in the past and this easily is the best playing, sounding one, I've ever had. Thin...
  19. nwobhm

    Andy Brauer demos CR8

    Been looking alot at these CR8's lately. I know alot of guys love em.:) Andy Brauer with Les Paul (modified by Andy) - YouTube
  20. nwobhm


    -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- FS, Rare and out of production,1995 Orville Les Paul Junior, Sunburst w/ tortoise guard. Nice chunky, 50'S Neck! About as close to a 57 Junior, without buying a Historic! Included Gibson USA gigbag. lite and...

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