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  1. Kezia

    Post a pic of you as a kid...

    This pic always gets a laugh out of my wife, think I was around 9 years old in this. Family Christmas photos 2003
  2. Kezia

    RIP Norm McDonald

    One of the funniest people to ever exist, I started obsessively watching his podcast a couple years ago and I’ve been hooked since. If you got an hour to kill, I’d highly recommend the episode with Super Dave. Rest In Peace, you ol’ chunk of coal
  3. Kezia

    For the love of the iPod

    I thought the iPod shuffle was such a dumb idea when they first came out but I really grew to love them after repairing a few. Kinda nice just hitting play and letting all my songs go in random. It’s a nice surprise seeing what comes next, and not having to focus on what I’d want to listen to...
  4. Kezia

    For the love of the iPod

    I’ve been considering getting an iPad Pro for my wife. She’s been wanting to get back into making art and graphic design and those look perfect for it. Right?! I’m surprised at how good the AirPods are. I hate that my pair fell victim to my washing machine, but I’d love a pair of the AirPod...
  5. Kezia


    Listened to a few tracks today, I can tell this might take over A Matter of Life and Death as my favorite reunion album (is it still a reunion after Adrian and Bruce have been back for 20 years)
  6. Kezia

    For the love of the iPod

    I grew up in the late 90s/early mid 00s, and one of my most prized possessions was my CD player. I would take that thing everywhere with me. On road trips, to school, doctors office visits, train rides, just about everywhere I could listen to music. However, MP3 players were on the rise and were...
  7. Kezia

    Ever get pissed off trying to learn to sing AND play...

    I can sing and play guitar at the same time with ease. Singing while playing bass though? Totally lost
  8. Kezia

    No more sissy men!

    Some of the responses here are hilarious. Yeah we better ban “sissy men” in the land of the free because you don’t like it. One of the things I love about America. You’re free to express yourself however you’d like without the government trying to step in and demand otherwise.
  9. Kezia

    Jeopardy has a new host(s)

    *Mod Edit* It's as if you actually *want* to be banned or something. --R :hmm:
  10. Kezia

    I’m also leaving this forum

    Sorry guys my card got declined, I’m gonna take my mom’s once she’s asleep though so it’s all good
  11. Kezia

    I’m also leaving this forum

    Gotta run to the grocery store real quick, anyone want anything?
  12. Kezia

    I invented rock music, ask me anything

    The answer to all of these is “Yes”, thank you for participating in this riveting Q&A
  13. Kezia

    I invented rock music, ask me anything

    What the title says
  14. Kezia

    Who REALLY invented Rock and Roll music?

    I invented rock music, ask me anything
  15. Kezia

    Steven Seagal

    Cum Town is my favorite podcast, so many great bits
  16. Kezia

    Guitar players who are “household names” for their guitar playing..... rock edition

    Brian May is a big name in my household, probably because I never shut up about him and have a Red Special hanging in my living room
  17. Kezia

    RIP Trevor Moore One of my idols growing up, I was a huge fan of Whitest Kids U Know. One of the funniest sketch comedy shows to come out of the 2000s. This man and his writing has been a huuuuge influence on my...
  18. Kezia

    I Finally Turned Off My Phone...

    Sometimes I’ll turn my phone off after work or on weekends. Sometimes I just wanna kick back, play some guitar, listen to a record, play some N64, or just enjoy some alone time with my wife without being bothered. It’s a great time every time I shut it off. If I didn’t need my phone for work and...
  19. Kezia

    Here is some 'systemic racism'*

    Nice of you to help her change her tire. Systemic racism still exists though. Thanks for not taking part in it.
  20. Kezia

    So how old is everyone here?

    Leumas!! It’s been a minute man, so weird seeing your name without a fat Hawaiian dude playing ukulele next to it. Things are good, just got married last year and steadily moving up in my career. Hope things are going good on your end as well, bud. :cheers2:

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