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  1. fernieite

    All sold.

    Hi guys, Selling a few great pedals. :cool: DS-1 for $225. The CE-2 has been sold, and the Talisman for $200. (US dollars) PM me if you want one. Thanks. More details and photos can be found here...
  2. fernieite

    Anyone else get a PM from member Lubafenniman ? Scam?

    Hi guys, I got a PM today from a member here - Lubafenniman. He was responding to a wanted ad I have posted here. He said that someone he knows has what I'm looking for, and he shared that persons email. However, the PM is now gone, and I can't find a member with that user name. (Lubafenniman)...
  3. fernieite


    Hi guys, I'm looking for a Lifton "built like a fortress" case logo, (original or reissue) and a gold oval 1969/70 Gibson diamond Jubillee hang tag. PM if you have. Thanks a lot.
  4. fernieite

    Lots of great parts, pedals and case candy for sale

    Hi guys, I've got lots of great parts, pedals and case candy for sale. More items to come...
  5. fernieite

    Crazyparts CAB gold bonnet knobs?

    Hi guys, Has anyone here tried the Crazyparts gold CAB knobs? They look good on their website, and are priced reasonably, imo. Thanks.
  6. fernieite

    Gibson "favorite of the stars" and "pick of the stars" plastic pick boxes?

    Hi guys, Does anyone here know the approximate years those cool old Gibson plastic pick boxes came out? Some were labelled "favorite of the stars" and others "pick of the stars". Some of them came with the black "Les Paul" picks, and others had the black "Gibson star pick; plus a couple of...
  7. fernieite

    Vintage truss rod cover thickness?

    Hi guys, Can anyone tell me what the thickness is of the original trussrod covers for late 50s Les Pauls? (.060" or .068" perhaps?) Also, should they all have roll marks? Thanks!
  8. fernieite

    Retrospec knobs and more! Please check out my other items as well. More to follow in the days ahead...
  9. fernieite

    FS or Trade: Vintage pedals and an amp to trade for vintage silicon Fuzz Face

    Hi guys, Anyone here have a great sounding vintage blue hammerite 69 or so Fuzz Face in excellent condition to trade? I might be interested in one of the other colors instead... I've got quite a few really excellent vintage pedals that we could trade for. At the top of my head - 70's...
  10. fernieite

    Vintage "dog ear" P90 pole piece heights?

    Hi guys, I've just acquired my first P90 equipped guitar (1963 LP SG Junior) and I was wondering how most of you have adjusted your "dog ear" 90 pole pieces? What would a good starting point be? Ie, should the high and low E be level with the plastic cover and then the rest of the screws...
  11. fernieite

    WTB: Gibson repro hang tags

    Hi guys, Anyone have a set of those repro hang tags from a few years ago? ( not the custom shop historic ones) Thanks.
  12. fernieite

    New 1963 Les Paul Junior day!

    Well, I finally did it. I've been wanting one of these for quite sometime, since playing a few in vintage stores over the years. So, yesterday I bought a very cool 1963 Les Paul Junior! (SG) I was able to sell a bit of gear this past week... Anyway, this one has Centralab pots dated the 21st...
  13. fernieite

    WTB: Nice pair of 1960's RCA 6L6GC Tubes

    Hi guys, Anyone got a nice pair of 1960's RCA 6L6GC tubes for my 1964 Fender Pro Amp? Used is fine, but must be properly tested and strong. PM me if you do. Thanks. :beer:
  14. fernieite

    Vintage Parts, Pedals and Amp!

    Hi guys, I have a bunch of vintage parts and pedals that I will be selling in the next few weeks. Please check my eBay link from time to time to see what cool things are available! I'm only selling because I'm trying to save up for a very cool vintage guitar. PM me if you're interested in...
  15. fernieite

    1961 SG Les Paul junior replica pickguard?

    Hi Guys, I've got a lead on a 1961 Les Paul Junior (SG body) The owner bought it in 1968 and threw the warped pickguard away in 1970. Who do you recommend that sells an authentic replacement pickguard? It has 8 holes. Also, the screws are missing. Thanks!
  16. fernieite

    Les Paul (R8) strap button screw broke

    Hi all, What would you recommend to fix this issue with my guitar? (see pics attached) The 1.5" long #8 screw broke off 1/4" inside the body when I tightened it. Btw, the lighter coloured wood in the hole is glued toothpicks. Thanks.
  17. fernieite

    Please delete. No longer for sale.

    Final price drop! This is an awesome vintage 1970's or early 80's DeArmond Twister phase shifter. Made in the good old U.S.A. DeArmond made some pretty awesome pedals, pickups and amplifiers back in the day! This phaser is no exception. :cool: As you can see in the photos, this thing is in...
  18. fernieite

    FS: Vintage DeArmond Twister phase shifter, and Telecaster pickguard

    Hi guys, Got a few things for sale on Reverb and Ebay. Thanks! ... 7675.l2562
  19. fernieite

    1961 to 1965 juniors

    Hi guys. At some point I'd like to get a nice 1961 to 1965 sg junior. Is there anything I should look out for? Are there any problems associated with any specific years? Any other thoughts with this type of guitar? Thanks a lot. :cool:
  20. fernieite

    FS: Ampeg Scrambler, 1978 Boss PH-1 Phaser

    Hi guys, I have an rare Ampeg Scrambler reissue for sale ($499 US dollars), and an early 1978 Boss silver screw PH-1 Phaser. ( $149 US) Please PM me if you're interested. I have to resize the pics from my computer to post - so they should come later. Here are a couple of links to see...

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