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  1. judson

    Recommend a refinisher

    good to try the repair yourself on a studio if you like to learn..... i would give it a opposed to paying someone, unless they really bother you...but really you probably will get a few more over the years if you play it alot... good luck with it :yesway:
  2. judson

    Empty toilet paper shelves at the stores again

    a friend told me she went to BJ's today and the store was fully stocked down every aisle but when she went to the paper products section...ZERO T-paper and maybe 10 packages of 16 rolls of paper towels....bare empty shelves the entire length of the aisle where the TP usually is.........she...
  3. judson

    The "Single Man's Guide to Cooking" by fett.

    thats gonna leave a mark..... :slap:
  4. judson

    Does this look sketchy?

    i will go out on a limb and guess 90% of them....the remaining 10 % are going to keep it an give it to the next guitar player they are banging......just to piss off the ex more.... :rofl:
  5. judson

    Empty toilet paper shelves at the stores again

    you wont need tp cuz you wont have food to eat........ but if you need to take a is the cure for no TP invite yourself over to that neighbor you dont like...
  6. judson

    I just bought a farm

    WTF IS THAT !!! :wow: i know its a tiger but those GIGANTOR HANDS look like humans but based on the size of that tiger...the GIGANTOR is what 20 to 35 foot tall ....:run::run: forget Aussie land if them GIGANTORS can pick up a tiger like that.....IM OUT !!!!:io:
  7. judson

    Air guitar strings

    i just looked in my air guitar case to see if i needed any extras..... didnt see any so i ordered a dozen sets they seem to disappear quite frequently :dunno:
  8. judson

    I just bought a farm

    i would like to live on a farm for extended time to see how i like it, doesnt really need to be farmed....just maybe 50-100 acres away from people....extended times away are nice but i think i would need a "city" place as well....i know i would get tired of watching grass grow.....but asshole...
  9. judson

    Brown Sugar is Cancelled.

    sugarist !
  10. judson

    Les Paul's #1 to Auction

  11. judson

    How much do violins cost?

    i thought i read that bows are where the tonez are... seriously that the price of some bows can get crazy in the vintage market...maybe like fender necks ... have not checked but it was maybe 10 years back a there was an old violin in my parents garage ......the bow at that time was worth a...
  12. judson


    the three years in the 4th grade was difficult for them.... lets not make fun of the drain bamaged
  13. judson


    corrected...tough thread... :rofl:
  14. judson

    BJ and a doughnut

    thats another reason why i want to live on a farm...... :fingersx: i think country crack whores offer the better deals then them city crack whores
  15. judson

    Raiders Coach Jon Gruden Resigns Over Racist, Homophobic, Misogynistic Emails

    this word crap has got to end...... gee why dont we go back to cave man times...."your ancestors beat and dragged women around by the hair...lets take down a monument" Guden should claim he has tourette syndrome or just tell everyone to fuck themselves im out :io:
  16. judson


    it is short for; "ok i wont be a fucking dickhead about it but you are a brain dead maroon" EDIT: the grammer police informed me i needed an edit...Who?.. :rofl:
  17. judson


    sounds like slo munchkin must have drank half a beer... that is hilarious...funniest thing of the day!!!!! :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::h5::laugh2::laugh2::laugh2::laugh2::laugh2::laugh2::laugh2:
  18. judson

    Les Paul's #1 to Auction

    thats low but opens it up to more possible bidders..... hell if im drinking and able to bid...i would bid $150k knowing that i cant pay that but positive someone would out bid me within 2 seconds
  19. judson


    reach out or reaching out to you.... :run: .. fuck you, your calling me, wtf do you want i would like to reach out to you and kick you in the nutsack for wasting my time with stupid shit your trying to scam......... maybe i should switch to decafe :slap:

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