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  1. FrankiePRS

    I finally installed the Mojoaxe tail...

    and WOW! What a difference. 'Kate' is now intonated properly, and I can palm-mute. She's a player.
  2. FrankiePRS

    Kate & Shady

    Perfect day for pics... meet Kete (very early '52 - her name is carved into her back; very small next to the control cavity) and Shady - my '69:
  3. FrankiePRS

    Meet Kate.

    So... the first time I played Kate, my immediate reaction was that she was unplayable. All the stories about 52-52 LPs seemed to be true. Notes fretting out (theoretically because of an incorrect neck angle), couldn't palm-mute because of the flying trapeze tail, wouldn't stay in tune at all...
  4. FrankiePRS

    Mystery Greco

    I purchased this on YJ, and it arrived last week. Any of our resident experts ever seen one before? Great tone, super-light, center-block construction.
  5. FrankiePRS

    A pair of Burnys LIVE

    One of my bands (Frankie and the Actions) only plays 2-3 times a year (after 23 years together full-time) now. The shows are usually 300-500 people, always a sellout, always a blast. I'm listed as a PRS endorser with that band, and I do play PRS about 80% of the show. But some songs just need...
  6. FrankiePRS

    SoMD Burny LP

    I picked up this 80's Burny cheap, because the veneer was lifting. Here's my "Southern Maryland" re-fin. :)
  7. FrankiePRS

    Spread the happiness!

    In my day gig, I teach high school - Ap Language and Multimedia. I posted a montage video created by my Multimedia class less then 48 hours ago, and it has over 4ooo hits right now. It's set to Pharrell's 'Happy', and it seems to make people smile. I like to make people smile. So have a...
  8. FrankiePRS

    Bad Cat Unleash!

    Just got a Bad Cat 'Unleash'. It's an amazing unit, that solves 2 long-standing problems for me. 1) I can use the 2 channels to give me 2 different volume levels onstage with no tone coloration. This lets me use my Budda SD45 at a reasonable volume playing rhythm, and hit the footswitch to...
  9. FrankiePRS

    My '68 SG Standard

    I love this guitar - great T-Tops (and I've had some really bad ones), big fat round neck. Beat to hell, checked finish, re-set neck, sounds like god. Took some pix, thought I'd share.
  10. FrankiePRS

    Sonic Mutation From Hell.

    My very good friend just finished building this for me. My design, his (mad) skills. I. Dig. It.
  11. FrankiePRS

    1974 Ibanez 2355M

    Despite the Gibson inlay on the headstock, this ES-175 clone is a '74 Ibanez 2355M. Beautiful construction, virtually identical to the ES-175. And killer tone, thanks to the original "Super 70s" pickups.
  12. FrankiePRS

    My Vintage Mongrel

    I thought I'd share what may be the ultimate Frankenstein. It seems to have been cobbled together by a talented luthier from spare parts. The body is a 1965 Epiphone Sheraton, with original minis & electronics. The vibrola was obviously added, and it works very nicely. The mahogany neck...
  13. FrankiePRS

    R.I.P. Kenny Taylor: DC Star

    I don't know if anyone even remembers DC Star, but... To honor the memory of Kenny Taylor (RIP), who recently passed, there will be an evening dedicated to loud-ass rock and roll and heavy drinking. Kenny was a killer frontman and singer, and had a huge impact on many of us in the DC area. He...
  14. FrankiePRS

    2TEK Tele for Xmas!

    I did a search, and found very little about 2TEK bridges on here, so I don't know if anyone will even care, but that's never stopped me before. :applause: I'm a PRS endorsed artist, but I'm also endorsed by 2TEK, and have a PRS with one of their bridges installed. The 2TEK is currently...
  15. FrankiePRS

    Ultimate Relic Strat Video

    YouTube - Strat Talk: Ultimate Relic Strat!
  16. FrankiePRS

    PRS Factory Vid :: Lenny & Casper

    I thought you guys might dig this - I don't post here too often anymore but I still lurk :) Anyway, I figure I still have some buds here, and I thought you might enjoy this... On Friday (the 13th), as I usually do, I stopped by the factory on my way to play the beach. This time I actually...
  17. FrankiePRS

    '81 Les Paul Pro :: Ebony fb, HB Conversion

    This is a players, with lots of honest wear. The frets are near 100% though, and it plays great. Nice fat tone from the zebra (!) T-Tops. For those that don't know, the 'Pro' was basically a Standard with soapbars and an ebony fretboard. I believe they made it for 2 years, maybe 3. Anyway...
  18. FrankiePRS

    My favorite Burny.

    Just sharing... One of my Burnys in action... this one is dubbed the Holocaust I. I stripped off the flame-veneer, spent 3 hours in the sun with some cold beer distressing the top There's a better pic of the guitar here. And here's another live shot:
  19. FrankiePRS

    Shameless Self-Promotion...

    Even though I'm mostly a lurker these days, I figure I still have buds here. And what are friends for, if not to mooch off of? :naughty: Anyway, someone put me on the list for "Best Guitarist in Maryland", and if I'm gonna be on it, I'd rather be at the top than the bottom, ya know? Help a...
  20. FrankiePRS

    Tremonti SE Mod: The Sledgehammer

    FYI: While I've played a PRS as my #1 for many years (And am now a PRS-endorsed Artist), I started on Gibsons. My main live axe before PRS existed was an SG, and LPs were my backups. And I've never quite been able to leave the 22-fret tone completely behind. So to sum up a long story, I used...

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