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  1. Kezia

    For the love of the iPod

    I grew up in the late 90s/early mid 00s, and one of my most prized possessions was my CD player. I would take that thing everywhere with me. On road trips, to school, doctors office visits, train rides, just about everywhere I could listen to music. However, MP3 players were on the rise and were...
  2. Kezia

    I’m also leaving this forum

    Gotta run to the grocery store real quick, anyone want anything?
  3. Kezia

    I invented rock music, ask me anything

    What the title says
  4. Kezia

    RIP Trevor Moore One of my idols growing up, I was a huge fan of Whitest Kids U Know. One of the funniest sketch comedy shows to come out of the 2000s. This man and his writing has been a huuuuge influence on my...
  5. Kezia

    So how old is everyone here?

    I know we had a thread like this a while back, but I think its time for another round of this to get an update on the sites demographics! I'm 26 myself, been hanging around here since I was about 14. A lot's changed, but my love for Les Pauls hasnt!
  6. Kezia

    NPD - Digitech Drop

    My band usually plays in drop d, but recently we threw a couple older songs in the set that are in Drop C. I didn’t feel like setting up one of my guitars for Drop C only or get another guitar, so after doing some research I was caught between the drop and the ehx pitchfork. The pitch fork...
  7. Kezia

    Unexpected NGD - Epiphone "Inspired By Gibson" Firebird

    Went to guitar center to buy some strings, just expected to be a quick in and out. I was just there a few days ago picking up a Standard 50s Les Paul, but for some reason I went and looked at the used section. Saw this basically new Epiphone IBG Firebird, walked away, and immediatey walked back...
  8. Kezia

    FSOT: 2011 Gibson L6S Reissue ($1050)

    2011 Gibson L6S reissue for sale. Previous owner switched out 6-way rotary for a standard 3-way toggle. Comes with original hard shell case. Excellent condition! Price is negotiable, mostly looking to sell but open to trading for other guitars of similar value or a cheaper one with cash on top...
  9. Kezia

    NGD: Les Paul Standard 50s

    It's been a loooong time since I've had a Les Paul, I wanna say at least 5-6 years. Funny thing is they're still my favorite guitars, I've just been playing my 335 and L6S a lot more lately. But idk, something about a Les Paul just feels right in my hands. It's what I started on, it's what I...
  10. Kezia

    Hair loss/balding

    I know there’s mostly older guys on here, but have any of y’all started dealing with hair loss early on? My hair started thinning real bad at 20, started getting a horseshoe pattern at 23, and at 25 around last year I just decided to shave it all off. Felt like a real punch in the gut for a...
  11. Kezia

    3 months sober and it feels great!

    Been struggling with alcohol issues since I was a teen, I’ve tried sobering up several times but ended up back on the bottle in under a week or two. Last week I hit 3 months sober from alcohol, marijuana, etc, and I’ve never felt better! I’ve started picking back up old hobbies I abandoned for...
  12. Kezia

    New Music Man St. Vincent Models!

    Just got an ad for these earlier, and DAMN these are looking nice! I was already a huge fan of the St Vincent model (I own a sterling STV60) but the little differences in this newer model are nice touches. New smaller pickguard, 3 gold foil pickups instead of mini hums, reverse headstock, and...
  13. Kezia

    Upgrade week!

    I've been using SKB PS-55 StageFive pedalboard for about 8 years now. I used to love it, but since the internal power supply shot back in 2014 it's been a pain in my ass. Giant, heavy, unreliable, clunky, and I had to stuff a pillow in the case just to keep my pedals from moving around since the...
  14. Kezia

    NAD - Orange TH30C

    I've been a fan of big ol' heavy amps for as long as I can remember. My old rig used to be A/B-ing a Marshall DSL100 Half Stack with a Vox AC30, then a JC120/AC30 combo, and lately I've been using a Music Man 65 with a 2x12 avatar cab. Sounds great, but it's too loud and too huge for my small...
  15. Kezia

    Those [email protected]*&king drummers...

    Allow me to bitch and moan for a little bit, fellas. About 3 years ago I joined my best friend's band, they needed a bassist as he was moving to drums to replace their old drummer. I didn't really know how to play bass all too well but I said "hey fuck it why not" and joined in. I've learned a...
  16. Kezia

    Bike Commuting, who here does it?

    I've just recently started biking to work instead of driving, sadly my license is suspended so it's not by choice. I haven't ridden a bike regularly in nearly 15 years, and booooooyyy after a few days of biking to work and back my legs feel like jello. The sad part is, my commute to work is only...
  17. Kezia

    Do you grind your own meat?

    I've always heard that ground meats are so much better when you can do it yourself or have it ground fresh from a butcher, so when my fiancee got a standing mixer at her bridal shower I immediately went and bought a meat grinder attachment. Thank god all her friends and family didn't know the...
  18. Kezia

    Whatever happened to River?

    Anyone that's been on this site before 2015 would definitely know who I'm talking about. He hasn't posted since 2016, hopefully he's doing alright.
  19. Kezia

    NGD: L6-S Reissue

    Starting about a couple years ago I had to cut down my collection significantly so I can pay bills and still eat at the same time. It really sucked narrowing down from 12+ guitars to only having 2. Recently, I've finally gotten back in good financial standing and could afford to start getting...
  20. Kezia

    WTF Is up with this pickguard?

    So I got a call from my buddy the other day. He tells me "Hey Tanner, I got this fucked up acid trip gone wrong looking bass thats been sitting in my garage for the past 7 years. You want it?" And after having to cut my collection down to just 2 guitars and 1 bass, I said Hell Yeah!! He drops it...

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