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  1. Doward

    NGD Heritage H-137 TV Yellow

    Picked up a used 2019 Heritage H-137 in TV yellow from a fellow forum member. It is spectacular! Almost bought a used Gibson TV Yellow Special but pulled out when I saw this one listed and I'm glad I did. The color on this one is so much nicer. It has that more mellow wheat color than the US...
  2. Doward

    Headstock Repair

    I'm looking at a used 2019 Les Paul Special (one of the GC exclusive Honey Bursts) and trying to figure out if it's had a headstock repair. I don't have a black light but it looks like it may have been. Can anyone tell from this picture? It looks like there's an oval patch that doesn't match on...
  3. Doward

    NGD 2014 Les Paul Standard Plus

    My first real Gibson Les Paul! It's a 2014 Standard Plus in tobacco burst. I'm in love!! I played it along with a few new Standards and a Slash and this was by far the best looking (though the Slash came close) and best playing (the Slash was by far the worst player). I actually like the...

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