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  1. AllmanJoy77

    WTB Sidepull Tremolo

    I realize its a long shot but Im looking for an old Sidepull temolo that someone would be willing to give up for a halfway decent price. Let me know if you have one you will part with :fingersx:
  2. AllmanJoy77

    Capacitor and Pot question for Tele Build

    I'm building a Tele right now that has a Pat. Number humbucker in the neck and a regular Tele bridge pickup and I curious about a few things. From what I have read, a 250k pot will make the neck muddy but the bridge fine, but a 500k pot will be good with the neck but take away a little bit of...
  3. AllmanJoy77

    WTB FAT Telecaster Neck (Maple)

    Looking to buy a baseball bat sized, maple Tele Neck for a Tele I'm building. Has to be big and have a maple board. Would love an old one, even if not very large, for the right price. Otherwise preferably something already reliced up a bit. Let me know what you got and how much you want...
  4. AllmanJoy77

    L.F. LovePedal Purple Plexi

    Curious if anyone has a LovePedal Purple Plexi they would like to sell? Hopefully cheaper than ebay prices but let me know anything you have. Also curious about other Lovepedal models, nothing in particular. Nick :hippie:
  5. AllmanJoy77

    Recomend me a Clean Boost?

    Im getting curious about clean boosts, what are you fellas suggestions for them? Boutique is cool, whatever sounds good. Post vids too if you got em! Thanks!
  6. AllmanJoy77

    WTB- Fender Strat Tortoise Shell Pickguard

    Looking for a Tortoise Shell Strat guard for a '74, Olymic White strat. I unfortunatly dont know for sure if the holes are of todays (or 60s) standards but hopefully someone here does. I dont want a new one though, it HAS to be beat up. The more worn in the better! Willing to buy out right or...
  7. AllmanJoy77

    WTB Vintage Side Pull Tremolo ('61-'63 SG)

    Hey fellas! I am in a desperate search for an original ('61-'63) Side Pull tremolo that were found most commonly on the earliest SGs. I would rather not pay a FORTUNE beacuse I have seen people ask insane prices on them, but either way please let me know what you have and what you want. Throw...
  8. AllmanJoy77

    Post Your Historic Pics & Vids!

    I'm sure this has been done a thousand times, but Im doin it again! And if you don't like it, find another thread to peruse :thumb: Plain and simple, I need some help with my GAS. So post any pics and Vids of your Reissues! '57, '58, '59, '60s! '52, '53, '54, '56s! Go to town! Thank you...
  9. AllmanJoy77

    Any one seen Blister Top R8s?

    I'm looking at a Blister Top R8 that may come into the store I work at on trade and I was curious if any one else has one or has seen any others. Im definitily interested in it and I think this may be the Les Paul I end up buying. Now as you know the Blister, or Birdseye, tops seemed to most...
  10. AllmanJoy77

    Quick Pickup Placement Question*

    If you put the neck pickup in the guitar upside-down in the guitar, so it looks like the Peter Green mod, does it do anything? Im not asking because I want to do this, Im asking because I had to do it. I put a pickup in that the lead wasnt long enough to put the pickup in correctly, but was long...
  11. AllmanJoy77

    2009 R9 Grover Question

    Hopefully very soon I will FINALLY be getting a REAL Les Paul, Darkburst R9 with my factory pick of top! Im curious though, I LOVE LPs with grovers and would hope to do it to mine but is there anyway at all aroung resizing the tuner holes??? That kills me to think about hacking a brand new...
  12. AllmanJoy77

    Any nice '59s out there for around Three Grand?

    Im just curious at the moment, but can you even buy a decent R9 for around three thousand anymore? I'm asking because Im thinking about selling a bunch of guitars to save up for a real nice Les Paul finally and I think I could come up with around that much, maybe a little more. Sorry if this...
  13. AllmanJoy77

    WTB- 60's Patent Number Pups

    I have a 1967 SG Standard in need of some TLC... and a few original parts. When I got it, it had 70s patent stamped pickups that Im not digging the sound of. They just dont get the right tone I want for this guitar. So Im looking for a set of Patent Sticker pups, preferably from like '66-'69...
  14. AllmanJoy77

    Any R9s for sale with a Reverse Chevron top?

    Pure curiousity really... :thumb: And just so there arnt a hundred "Whats reverse chevron" comments, its when you have wide gullwing flames that seam together pointing downwards ala Duane Allman. So just regular chevron, which you see a lot more often, points upwarrds. Thanks guys! Nick...
  15. AllmanJoy77

    WTB Vintage Sprague Black Beauties

    I need a vintage set of Sprague Black Beauty capacitors. Have to have decent leads still on them, not insanely short ones (unless you want to sell them real cheap?) Not looking to spend a TON but I will pay what I have to. Im putting them into a Pelham Blue 1967 Gibson SG Standard :naughty...
  16. AllmanJoy77

    1967-1970 SG Standards

    Hey Fellas, Allright, so I think I have an opportunity to snag up Cherry Red 1970 Gibson SG with the Maestro vibrato and it should also have Pat. #s hopefully :fingersx: So any way, do any of the pickers around these parts have any experience with this era of SG? I know that the SGs did...
  17. AllmanJoy77

    The most Beautiful R8 out there....

    Ok so I thought I would let you guys in on my latest kick... So a few weeks ago I was working at my local guitar shop talking to one of my Bosses about how I really wanted to get a Burst soon and so he told me that he had gotten a MONSTER of a top R8 a while back on trade towards a Murphey...
  18. AllmanJoy77

    Derek Truck's NEW! Burst!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Ok, so thursday night I was in Houston, Texas and me and my dad passed the House of Blues down there. So my dad got on the phone and called to see if anyone was playing. And you'll never guess who was playing. My ALL TIME favorite player to date, DEREK TRUCKS!!!!! I was just in Shock, I coulndt...
  19. AllmanJoy77

    Good Guitar Shops In Houston, Texas??

    Im flying down to Houston tomorrow and Im gonna be there a few days so I obviously want to check out guitar shops! So Im wondering if you guys have any good suggestions of places to hit? Thanks Fellas! Nick
  20. AllmanJoy77

    DiMarzio YJM(strat) pups Value? Interested?

    I know some ones gonna bust my balls for posting a fender thing in here, if it is that bad anyone can take it down if they have the abilitly to do so... SO anyway, I bought an AWESOME strat about six months ago. Its my dream strat, reliced to an artist's perfection and its got some real sweet...

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