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    Incoming FGN NGD

    Congrats on an amazing looking guitar. FGN makes some outstanding guitars. Regarding buying from sellers in Japan (at least guitars), I have nothing but good things to say about the transactions I've had buying from Japan. Shipping was fast (Japan EMS is the best) and received guitars in 5 days...
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    NGD... FGN (Not LP)

    Congrats. FGN makes a real nice guitar. I have a weakness for Teles. With regards to the action, a good set-up would probably make a difference but I will say that LP's are generally easier (or more "forgiving") to play than Teles. That being said, I have a great playing Tele. Nothing wrong...
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    Why do people say or act like Gibsons are overpriced ??

    You really make a great point. IMO, the "overpriced" thing comes from some really inconsistent QC for years. No question there were some great Gibsons being sold but it just seemed that there were just as many "dogs" out there too. At that price point and USA made, most would expect tight...
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    Why is the Classic so much cheaper than the others?

    Love those Gold Top Classics w/ P-90's. IMO, if you like a P-90 LP, they were the best bang for the buck Gibson LP's. The original Gold Top Tributes were also crazy good deals....they just typically needed a good Pro set-up (nut work, fret ends, etc).
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    Anything new in the world of reverb pedals/tanks?

    The Surfy Bears are great. They do everything from an excellent Fender in amp reverb sound to killer wet, surfy, drip. The Surfy Bears also come in different size configurations. I have a Boss '63 but it is tucked away in its' box on a shelf. The Boss '63 was great for its time as it was the...
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    Speaking of Blondes - Incoming Tokai ES

    That's a beauty. I have heard it from a few that the best 335's are made by Tokai.....and that includes Gibson.
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    Has the size of the 50's neck been grossly exaggerated?

    I forget if it was a '54 or '55 Reissue that I played at a guitar show that had a great neck profile. The neck profile was fairly chunky front to back but had much less shoulder, pretty much a mild V shape. I have really small hands and it was very comfortable. Apparently, that neck profile is...
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    Preventive inserts for head breakage

    I recall seeing some Greco LP's a few years back with the truss rod access at the butt of the neck but there was also a small channel cut into the end of the fret board and an easy to access "spoke wheel adjuster" (very similar to what is used on Ernie Ball Music Man guitars). It's probably the...
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    Thoughts on the Peavey T-15

    The USA made Peavey Odyssey, Cropper Models, and JD Omniac were all very well made, great playing, well priced instruments. One of the bigger guitar purchase mistakes I ever made was not grabbing a used, but mint Odyssey w/ a killer solid carved AAA highly quilted top in amber that was going...
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    New Epiphone Worn Casinos

    I like the blue myself.....saw a demo video on Youtube recently of the new Riviera reissues and they looked great (proper mini-hums and Frequensator tailpiece) and sounded great. The Wilshire, Crestwood and Coronet Reissues all look and sound sweet. I really like that Epi is starting to branch...
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    ‘56 Inspired Build

    Always have to convey my respect and admiration for folks who have the skill, knowledge, and artistry to create a build like that. It's gonna be killer for sure.....looking forward to following along with its creation.
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    Terada vs Fujigen Orvilles

    Terada actually makes all the Gretsch Pro Series guitars now. I have an '06 Terada built Gretsch that I've had since new and it's an immaculately built guitar. I've seen some videos of the Terada factory....I was surprised at how little CNC they use. Looks like they make 'em the old fashioned way.
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    New Danelectro Guitar

    That first generation of Korean made reissues were nice guitars. They played great, sounded great and looked cool. When they switched to China, the quality took a bit of a nose dive and some of the designs were less than inspiring. The latest generation have resumed production in Korea and the...
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    New Danelectro Guitar

    I did a tour of the Martin factory a few years back and learned some stuff about the history of truss rods in Martin guitars that was interesting (at least for a guitar geek like myself) . Actually, Martins did not have an "adjustable" truss rod until 1985. From the early 70's to 1985 Martin...
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    New Danelectro Guitar

    Just wondering......have you ever taken the neck off (the rod adjustment is at the heel end like vintage Fenders)? It would be very surprising to me if there were no trussrods in those MIK Danos.....the one I had certainly had one but anything is possible. No that 12 string neck (unless...
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    New Danelectro Guitar

    Even vintage Danos from the Neptune NJ factory had truss rods....they just weren't adjustable (basically just a steel reinforcement rod running down the neck). The first Korean made re-issues back in the 90's had adjustable rods but you had to remove the neck to get to the heel adjustment (IMO...
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    Heritage Guitars Has Launched Legal Action Against Gibson Brands

    Thanks for posting the link to Gibson's response. Just reading between the lines here, it looks like someone ruffled someone's feathers. Gibson seems to be playing innocent here as would be the typical public statement. I am sure they are not comfortable being on the other end of a...
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    Heritage Guitars Has Launched Legal Action Against Gibson Brands

    Gibson is trying to do what Rickenbacker has been doing for many, many years. Rickenbacker CEO John Hall can be a polarizing figure but they have been consistant from jump with making sure their products, designs, etc are protected and up to date from a legal prospective. To that end...
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    Epiphone Unveils New Headstock Redesign for Inspired by Gibson Line

    Little late to the party but I have to take issue with your J-35 or J-29 models were poor man's J-45's comment. I think you might be thinking of the more economically priced J-15. I acquired a very clean used 2016 J-29 (2016 was the last year for J-29's) last summer. The J-29, while having the...
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    Incoming NGD • 2018 Tokai LS135Q

    That's some crazy nice quilt top.

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