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    Robert Fripp's Fernandes

    A few weeks ago I saw the current King Crimson lineup on the Chicago stop of their tour. As you might imagine, they turned my head inside out. They played with an unbelievable amount of tightness and power, and I loved every second of it. From where I was sitting, all I could tell about Fripp's...
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    Any hope for a guitar that just won't intonate?

    Apologies if this isn't the appropriate forum for this question. About a year ago I picked up a Hohner SE-35, which is a 335 knockoff. It's Korean-made from the '90s. Ever since then it has been a constant struggle to get the intonation so it's playable. If the E chord sounds in tune, then a...
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    My singlecut family is complete

    For a while I've lusted after a goldtop with P90s. Last summer I picked up a Bulldog kit build from this forum with an eye toward eventually converting it to be just such a guitar. After working on it off and on since last winter, I finally have something to show for it. I posted a thread...
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    '57-style to '56-style conversion

    A while back I picked up a partially completed Bulldog kit build from a forum member and got it up and running. I posted a thread about it here. The whole time, however, in the back of my mind I had the idea to modify the thing to take P90s instead of humbuckers. I worked on it for about ten...
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    Fresh lacquer cracking?

    I'm in the process of doing a goldtop refin. I'm following the recommendation on Reranch to shoot a white primer coat first. I did that yesterday, and today I noticed a handful of cracks radiating out from the tailpiece and bridge post holes. I think there was one coming from a pickup cavity...
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    This seems fishy, right?

    Found this CL post this morning and briefly got excited. Then I did a little Googling and found this completed eBay auction. Same pictures, but from a different Chicago suburb. Now I'm thinking the CL listing is phony. Should I report it?
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    An MIJ story

    Just ran across this on Facebook and thought the crowd here would enjoy. I think we can all relate to his musings on the mystique of the electric guitar.
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    A fret level and a new set of strings later...

    ...and the LC100 is seriously stunning me. I'm glad I quit putting off doing that fret level. It was my first time doing that job on a guitar with nibs and I was scared (needlessly, it turned out). I'm also thinking I'll leave the pickup covers off for a while.
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    Any Greco experts know which model this is?

    Vintage Greco les paul copy made in Japan The pics aren't much to go on, I know. From what little I know about what Greco was offering in 1978 (and assuming he's right about the year), $500 isn't probably any kind of a hot deal, but I'd go check it out in person if there were a possibility it's...
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    I want to convert this guitar from humbuckers to P90s. Where do I start?

    I recently completed the final touches on taking a Bulldog husk and making it playable, as documented in this thread. The guitar turned out pretty darn nice for the price. The only thing about it that I wish were different is that I would prefer it to take P90s rather than humbuckers...
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    Finishing up a Bulldog kit

    A couple of weeks ago, on a whim I decided to buy a partially finished Bulldog Les Paul kit that somebody was selling in the classifieds. The last thing I needed was another guitar, but the price was irresistible and it seemed like it would be a fun project. The seller had set the neck, applied...
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    Anybody know what magnets were in the old Tokai Reborn era low end pickups?

    I'm thinking of trying a magnet swap on the X-back pickups that were stock with my 1979 LS60. Does anybody know whether the stock magnets were ceramic? I'm assuming they were.
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    Humbucker to P90 conversion: difficulty level? Fair price?

    I just acquired a partially-finished Bulldog Les Paul kit. It has been finished in nitro as a goldtop but is a husk otherwise. Since I have so many two-humbucker solid body guitars as it is, and I've always fancied the look of a goldtop with P90s, I'm considering having a professional reroute...
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    SG Special T neck profile

    Has anybody gotten one of the new 2016 SG Special Ts? I'm curious about the neck profile. I stopped in Chicago Music Exchange hoping to check one out in person, and they didn't have any, but they did have a 2016 SG Standard P90. It had a pretty fat neck profile, and if the Special T's neck is...
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    Any tone benefit from stripping and refinishing an Epiphone?

    I have an early (1989) Epiphone G400. The appearance of the finish is OK, but it has that typical plasticky feel and it's probably thicker than it needs to be (although not so thick that I can't see the wood grain). This guitar has a kind of cheap sounding brightness to it when played...
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    Low-profile tune-o-matic

    I've investigated this before but never found a satisfactory answer. i have an Epiphone G400 that's a pretty good guitar, but I would like to get the action a little lower on the treble side. The adjustment is bottomed out already, so I would need a lower-profile bridge, or possibly...
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    Good deal on an "other single cut"

    I just happened to be Googling and found this Peavey Odyssey for sale at the Davenport, IA Music-Go-Round. I bought a wine red Odyssey in 2000 and had it ever since. These guitars are the deal: solid flamed maple top, two-piece mahogany back and neck (not one-piece like the listing says), ebony...
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    Some Orvilles at Chicago Music Exchange

    Had a few free hours so I decided to head to CME with the aim of playing a few semi-hollowbodies. I was surprised to find a few Orvilles present: a 335, a sunburst Les Paul, and a goldtop Les Paul. The asking prices seemed a bit ludicrous to me, though; especially on the 335. The photo flame on...
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    "Other" semi-hollows

    As I already have three very nice MIJ solidbodies, and I don't know how to function without thinking about the next piece of gear I want to buy, lately I've been thinking that I need to add a semi-hollowbody to my collection. I have a pretty good handle on what's good in the MIJ solidbody world...
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    Gibson Heritage Custom acoustic, modified with some issues: good price?

    I've seen this guitar pop up on my Craigslist a few times. I consider myself knowledgeable about buying electric guitars, but acoustics are more of a mystery to me. Is this a reasonable price for this guitar, considering the modifications and the age cracks? What about those cracks...

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