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    The Unofficial Official Anything Burny Theory, Photo, & ID Related Thread

    :lol: I was hoping you or someone on the forum my have some info on this model.
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    The Unofficial Official Anything Burny Theory, Photo, & ID Related Thread

    Hey Udonitron, Here is my Burny lp. I never have seen another like it. Any info..
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    Favorite MIJ Les Paul dealers

    Sorry to hear that I haven't bought a guitar from him in over a year but he was cool with me. Did you get a refund or exchange? I hope you don't give up on Burny's They are great guitars.
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    Favorite MIJ Les Paul dealers

    What happened with Chingo? I had one small problem and he resolved it within a day. I have bought some of my best guitars from him.
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    Just bought this Burny... any ideas what model/year?

    Beautiful Burny Congrats:dude:
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    Help for Newb? Advice on these Burny's

    Both Burnys that chingo has are nice. I think he is a really good seller. I have bought a number of guitars from him over the years.
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    What's Up from Syracuse, NY!

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    Hi from NY

    :jam:Welcome Tom
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    God help me, I think I want a Strat

    +1 Gilmour could play a stick with 2 strings and make me want one...
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    Double trouble! Burny rlg-90.

    Beautiful Burny! Congrats:thumb:
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    Burny RLC-65

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    Burny RLC-65

    My Burny split diamond headstock looks to be a 3 piece body. My lighting bolt headstock Burnys look to be 2 piece:hmm: :
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    Burny RLC-65

    No, I did not darken the fretboard its a very dark rosewood.
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    Burny RLC-65

    Mono, I own a Burny lightingbolt 3 pup custom and it is very close to the 57 Black Beauty. It is a wonderful Les Paul and a joy to play! Buy that Burny !!:D
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    My Burny LP Custom

    Very nice Burny Custom. I have 3pup custom myself and I love it one of my favorite guitars.
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    Any other Natalie Merchant fans here?

    I love Patti Smith :dude:
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    2010 Soundgarden Reunite!!

    About time, Chris Cornell is one of the best singers out there. Soundgarden is a great band.:dude:
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    Ryan Adams

    One of my favorite songwriters seen him a couple of times live..
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    Any Raconteurs fans out there

    :jam:Oh Yeah I really dig the them and The Dead Weather...

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