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    NGD Murphy Lab Dirty Lemon R9 light aged

    Looks awesome! Congrats!!
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    R8 plaintop into a goldtop

    I actually want to do this with an HM deluxe makeover
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    FS: Unpotted VOS 2020 Gibson CustomBuckers

    Selling a set of custom buckers from my 2020 60th Anniversary R0 V1. I don't have the exact output readings. I used these pickups in my guitar for about 10 months until I replaced them with Throbaks. I am the original owner of the guitar (and pickups). $410 shipped within the CONUS or best...
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    2021 R9 Finish Bleeding into Binding

    All of my historic bursts and even a 335 I once had are like this. Pretty sure this is part of why we pay more for historics
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    Should I trade my 01 R9 for a 2020 Murphy lab R9?

    I don’t think the Murphy Lab guitars will hold value as Gibson floods the market with them. While yes the HMs also do not retain the value that you put into them, they’re a lot more scarce and true to the vintage examples (and who knows what will happen to the value when they inevitably stop...
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    Should I trade my 01 R9 for a 2020 Murphy lab R9?

    I’ve had two Murphy lab LPs and I would advice against selling your R9. They’re cool, but if you have a guitar that you love it’s not worth it. If I were you, I’d send the R9 to historic makeovers
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    Possible headstock neck repair (non disclosed reverb)

    Looks like discoloration in the finish to me but the only way to know for sure is a black light.
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    New To Me 2001 R7..1st Reissue

    What a beaut! Hard not to love a good R7. Enjoy!
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    NGD! Murphy Lab Heavy Aged R0

    Anyway, I pulled the listing while I wait to hear back from my dealer and see if they'll acknowledge that there's any issue or make me keep it. In other news... this R0 is definitely one of the better reissues I've played! Not sure if they're using better woods or the aging makes the guitars...
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    NGD! Murphy Lab Heavy Aged R0

    and I've been going back and forth debating if I should pull it down and just send it back. Considering no statement has been made from Gibson and the only evidence we have of an issue is comments made to threads on forums by members (unless someone has better information from a dealer) then...
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    NGD! Murphy Lab Heavy Aged R0

    Finish hasn't flaked off yet. I just bought a vintage ES-345 so I want to recoup some of the costs from that. Still debating whether or not I'll try to send it back to CME (this is a stretch I really dont think they'll take it back just because of something that 'could' happen) or I could try to...
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    opinions wanted on R4 please

    I had a 2021 R4 for several months and loved everything except the bridge pickup. Never had any intonation issues with the factory bridge. I only sold it to fund a '64 Jr but intend on buying another someday
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    Email Gibson - Boycott Gibson

    I called them yesterday and they’re going to have their techs “take a look” at my guitar whenever I get around to sending it in. The customer service rep said it was his first time hearing of the issue
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    NGD! Murphy Lab Heavy Aged R0

    It's mainly in how they did the binding and the feel of the finish. I had a vintage '64 SG standard that I sold last fall that was pretty similar aging wise. The fingerboard was a lot more rolled on that guitar and the fret nibs were virtually nonexistent. Felt a lot softer in my hands. The...
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    Murphy Lab finish falling off?

    Finish flaked off in a couple small spots in the cherry back on my Heavy Aged R0. I called Gibson and they said they hadn't heard of the issue but they'll take it in and have their techs take a look. Not sure if I'll try to give it back to CME or go down the rabbit hole of a warranty return
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    Murphy Lab finish falling off?

    same, mine has been fine so far and it’s a December 2020 build. Purchased at CME but I live in San Diego
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    Murphy Lab finish falling off?

    Good to know. I have a heavy aged R0 but I’d rather not send it back, as I’ve been enjoying it… not sure what to do
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    R9 Pickups & Harness (Thrōbak)

    I just sold my 2019 R7 which I had put Throbak PG-102s into. I left the harness stock.
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    Naturally aged/reliced reissues pictures

    What kind of temperature changes did it go through to get that checking? I would love for my guitars to end up like that!

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