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  1. grayd8

    How Many Les Pauls is Too Many?

    I’m down to one since the ex wife decided to impersonate Pete Townsend with my R8, so I clearly don’t have enough.
  2. grayd8

    Fender Signature Tom Morello Guitar

    If you’ve listened to a rock radio station in the past 20 years you’ve heard him play. “Like a Stone” and “I am the highway” are two songs of theirs that got really heavy airplay. I have loved this guitar since he debuted it in Cochise, definitely getting one if the build quality is good.
  3. grayd8

    [NGD] Fender American Deluxe Ash Stratocaster

    Nice, I have an ash bodied Elite Strat; hands down the best strat I’ve ever played.
  4. grayd8

    All the cool guitar shapes taken? Seriously ....

    As far as alternate shapes, I really dig the Bartlett Retrospec.
  5. grayd8

    Monster Top

    I have two peices of equipment that aren’t for sale, first is my R9 I bought from Mark back in 2015. The Second is a JCM 800 in Silver Jubilee camouflage. The R9 since the first time I played it channeled Jimmy Page, I wasn’t a Zeppelin fan when I got that guitar, now they are the number one...
  6. grayd8

    2011 Gibson SG Standard - Nashville Bridge Replacement suggestions plz.

    I went with the Faber on mine, wasn't disappointed.
  7. grayd8

    2019 sg 61 reissue with vibrola

    Probably, I've wanted one since around 2015; but seeing Jake rocking that 61 makes the want a little worse. Saw them last Friday in Orlando, probably one of the best $50 concerts I've been to.
  8. grayd8

    OTPG pickup question

    I started giving it a try when I read that Tom Bartlett kept Ox4, Throwback and a few other vintage pickups around and used whatever sounded the best in the guitar. I had just pulled a Ox4 low wind set that was a little to harsh in my R8, dropped them in my new SG and they were just a hair...
  9. grayd8

    OTPG pickup question

    This has been a rough truth for me, I’ve had pickups that were too bright and harsh in one guitar be absolutely perfect in another.
  10. grayd8

    Going Price for Custom Buckers

    $250 is what I dumped mine for.
  11. grayd8

    “We’re not selling cars.” No More Model Years!

    If I buy anything this year, it’s going to be an SG with sideways maestro.
  12. grayd8

    I thought this looked like an interesting class.

    I was hoping it was worth it, and I am interested in Carlos’ class as well. About how long does it take to go through one of the classes?
  13. grayd8

    I thought this looked like an interesting class.

    YouTube has taken stalking my interests to new levels.
  14. grayd8

    Is hbreaze still around?

    His website had plenty of historics listed, seems like he has targeted higher end LP’s and they don’t move as fast. The days of him undercutting the members classifieds seem to be long gone.
  15. grayd8

    A Question about M2M

    The fact they didn’t have a no pick guard option or SS frets option was a deal breaker for me.
  16. grayd8

    NPD: Echoplex

    I’ve never had an EP booster, I can say with the Echoplex preamp plugged into the clean channel of a JCM 800, it doesn’t get very crunchy, but I already have an OCD for that. It does make the wound strings more bloomy and the plain strings more sparkly.
  17. grayd8

    Real Gibson PIO capacitors coming soon?

    Nice to see them upping their game, although I’m a bit concerned on what it’s going to do to the price of Luxe caps. If they ditched the custombuckers and put either Wizz, Ox4’s or throwbacks depending on the natural tone of the guitar people probably wouldn’t upgrade them much.
  18. grayd8

    NPD: Echoplex

    Just got these pedals last week, the delay is everything I wished my DD-7 could be. The preamp is quickly becoming the best pedal I didn’t know I needed, it doesn’t add a lot of gain, but it does make everything sound better. I was even able to add my script phase 90 back into the chain...
  19. grayd8

    Need help with new noise gate

    Have you tried a line conditioner? I bought a belkin surge protector a few years back that had a built in line conditioner. My last house had terrible line noise, my new house is dead quiet, but I still use it because of the 1.2 million lightning strikes Florida gets per year.
  20. grayd8

    Best pedal for classic Marshall crunch

    I would buy another OCD used and have different settings on it. Don Felder does it with his DD-3’s One for victim of love, one for hotel California.

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