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  1. Torren61

    NGD: 2011 American Special Strat

    I like it!
  2. Torren61

    I want to get a bird

  3. Torren61

    Personal Guitar tuning and Serial number Spreadsheet

    Nope. Do you do meth? That might explain it. (KIDDING! Seriously, I'm kidding. Seriously. I'm just kidding. I'm serious.)
  4. Torren61

    *NGD* Champagne sparkle Gretsch!

    Very nice!
  5. Torren61

    Ensenada guitars ?

    Is it better than my sweet Estoban acoustic?
  6. Torren61

    Vintage 1979 Dean Z Standard guitar. Hot Hero Sandwich? Remember?

    I'm sorry if this is crapping in your thread, but I HATE Dean headstocks. I don't like anything about them. It ruins the aesthetics for me. They could be the best guitars on earth with no one coming in at a close second and I'd pass because of the headstock. To me, it just looks so wrong and...
  7. Torren61

    RS Guitarworks Tele Build

    Whew! Good!
  8. Torren61

    RS Guitarworks Tele Build

    They painted over the binding?
  9. Torren61

    PRS SE Content.

    All the SEs I've played have been VERY nice guitars and although i currently own only one, I can see myself owning another in the future. Really well made instruments and, as i've said many times before, the best bang for the buck in guitars. Here's a PRS Santana SE demo I did.
  10. Torren61

    NGD: PRS Paul's "Dirty" top Artist in Jade.

    I generally don't like green guitars but I like THOSE green guitars.
  11. Torren61

    If a woman grabbed your ass.....

    If a man grabbed your wife's ass, would it bother you? You seriously don't know what the problem is?
  12. Torren61

    Just some Saturday Hood Rattin

    I'll tell you something else that will get you shot in Texas... backing away with your hands up.
  13. Torren61

    Pick My Next Guitar

    Love the shirt...
  14. Torren61

    Pick My Next Guitar

    I settled on a Duesenberg Starplayer TV Goldtop. It was a tough choice but I felt like this one had the best bang for the buck.
  15. Torren61

    NGD- Desert Star DSG007

    Beautiful work! Congrats!
  16. Torren61

    Sir Fletcher..

    Sorry. I know how attached one can get to a pet. They become much like family pretty quick. It takes time but you'll heal eventually.
  17. Torren61

    Pick My Next Guitar

    That's sexy as hell!
  18. Torren61

    Pick My Next Guitar

    I have three Strats. That's nice though!
  19. Torren61

    Pick My Next Guitar

    Just a bit more and I'd have a first year SG Supreme in excellent condition. That's a nice guitar but the Supreme would win the race for me every time. Thanks for the suggestion.
  20. Torren61

    Pick My Next Guitar

    You know, I forgot about that. I'll message you.

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