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  1. garybaldy

    The First Carved (Arched) Top Solid Guitar.

    Whilst watching Rick Beato with his beautiful pale blue Les Paul I decided to Google this thread title. Got no immediate appropriate links so does anyone know? Was it the LP? Cheers.
  2. garybaldy

    Epiphone Serial No. Query

    Hi I searched a data base and it didn't recognise this serial number. S9206668 Also some web pages say the 9 is the year and the 06 the month, so what is the 2? Any help gratefully received. TIA.
  3. garybaldy

    Gigging Guitarists - which 100% reliable wireless system do you use?

    I would appreciate your recommendations please. It appears to me that really you have to go expensive for no drop outs, latency, range etc. But this UK unit looks pretty good - Cheers
  4. garybaldy

    Best tool for pilot holes - Neck mount pickup? Thanks

    I want to reposition a neck mount pickup on my (budget) archtop. The job will require that I plug the old holes in the sides of the fret board and drill 4 new ones. Stewmac recommends using a 1/16th" bit. Can anyone recommend a tool with a tiny chuck that I can position square to the side of the...
  5. garybaldy

    Fender G Dec 3 30 (pending NAD)

    New (to me) Fender G Dec 3 30 on it's way!
  6. garybaldy

    Just stumbled on this!!

    Very nice unit.
  7. garybaldy

    T. Bone MB75 mic

    Does anyone have a view on the MB75 (sold by Thomann) which is supposed to be a cheap version of an SM57? Thanks
  8. garybaldy

    Sacked our Bassist

    Did anyone else sack their bassist after a gig last night?
  9. garybaldy

    Mercedes Car Electrics - Any experts here please??

    I have a very annoying intermittent electrical fault on my car. The symptoms are a little long winded so any experts out there before I list them all? thanks
  10. garybaldy

    Independent vol. wiring on an Epi Flying V

    Hi My New to me 2000 Korean '58 Korina V ( ) seems to have independent volumes and I don't think I like it. Are independent volumes normal on an Epi? It's my very first Epi. Thanks
  11. garybaldy

    N 'NYE' G - '58 Korina Flying V

    Just bought this now off ebay so don't actually have it just yet. Veneered multi block body, heavy maple neck causing neck dive, scarf jointed headstock, generic pickups and cheap harness etc,etc. (or so I've read) - I can't wait!! :fingersx:
  12. garybaldy

    Does this scream 'Plywood'?

    I have had a keen interest in the Japanese/Korean 'copies' from the 70s,80s and 90s. I have 4 Fenix, 2 Vester, 1 Tokai and a Westbury. Fresher is one of my saved searches on Ebay as I've always thought (may be wrongly?) they to be of good quality. This came up today. To my inexperienced eye...
  13. garybaldy

    Accidental Purchase

    Hi all, I just seemed to have won this which appeared on Ebay. Does anyone know anything about these? TIA.
  14. garybaldy

    I Found This Slightly Amusing!
  15. garybaldy

    Firebird Pickups by Creamery (UK) - 'Vintage' Style.

    Advice needed please. I while back I bought a Tokai Firebird which already had Creamery pickups installed. The guitar came with the original receipt for the pickups. The guy who sold it to me had chosen AII for the neck and AV for the bridge. Both were potted and have vintage braided wire. Neck...
  16. garybaldy

    On MLP - tick/check the "stay logged in" box but....

    ....I always get logged out automatically after a short while. It's never happened before and I've been here several years. It doesn't happen with other sites. Any advice please? Thanks in advance.
  17. garybaldy

    Martin D 45 Small White Streaks Under Finish

    Hi My friend has had a new D 45 since last summer and a few white streaks have recently appeared on the sides. They seem to be under the finish. They are definitely not scratches. Has anyone seen this kind of thing before please? Thanks in advance.
  18. garybaldy

    This could be my first build
  19. garybaldy

    Methotrexate - At last I can practise guitar again.

    Hopefully be able to build my finger strength and stamina again.
  20. garybaldy


    Well it was Thursday actually. Brand new from 'closed down' music store. Ebay pic Ive not really tried it yet. Stupidly (?) the missus doesn't know yet - or does she?. Unpacked it and managed to conceal it amongst all the others but she must've seen the rather large box and bubble wrap in the...

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