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  1. GuitarTalk

    WTB: Brazilian 2018 Gibson 1957 LP Goldtop (or a Historic Makeovers 1957 LP)

    Buying a Brazilian board, 2018 Gibson 1957 LP Goldtop. Interested in a Historic Makeovers 1957 LP as well (must have a brazzy board - so deluxe or RDS makeover). Prefer lightweight <9.0lb. Will pay a significant premium for <8.5lb. Thanks! Not interested in 2003 Brazilian goldtops. Thanks!
  2. GuitarTalk

    NGD (kind of) - Pearly Gates HM RDS with ORIGINAL 1957 Les Paul PAFs (pre-sticker, steel covers!)

    TL;DR - rare original, pre-sticker Les Paul PAF’s (steel covers) combined with one of the first Real Deal Series (Historic Makeovers) Pauls (1959 Reissue, 2009). Unreal tone and looks! It’s been about a year with this beauty. All my other LP’s have been sold since getting this one and I haven’t...
  3. GuitarTalk

    SOLD: ThroBak DT-102 MXV PAF Clone Pickup Set (2018, Full Set)

    Price: $499USD, shipping to Canada/US. Highest reasonable offer takes it! Here’s my Reverb listing if that’s the route you prefer: Description: Selling a pair of phenomenal pickups from ThroBak, the DT-102 MXV’s. PAF tone!! Full lead wires, with full set...
  4. GuitarTalk

    PRICE DROP - FS: 1962 Gibson Les Paul (SG) Junior (vintage and all original)

    Price: $4500USD, now $4250 USD. I’m a pretty easy to deal with and consider trades (including high end automatic watches). Payment: cash in person preferred (located in Ottawa, Canada, can meet in person in Toronto and Montreal areas as well), but will accept wire, Friends and Family Paypal...
  5. GuitarTalk

    PRICE DROP - FS: 1965 Gibson ES-330 (Vintage and all Original)

    Price: $6100 USD, now $5750 USD. I’m pretty easy to deal with and consider trades (including high end automatic watches). Payment: cash in person preferred (located in Ottawa, Canada, can meet in person in Toronto and Montreal areas as well), but will accept wire, Friends and Family Paypal...
  6. GuitarTalk

    1960 Brazilian Les Paul - Golden Poppy Burst PHOTOFEST

    Haven't posted in a while. Here's my new gem (with photos below that leave little to the imagination): Model: 2018 1960 Les Paul with a Brazilian Fretboard Finish: Golden Poppy Burst, Gloss Run: Pre-Sold Limited, made for Wildwood (might be a one-off) Serial Number: 0 8002 Weight: 8.2 lb Neck...
  7. GuitarTalk

    Help authenticate this 56’ Tweed Deluxe

    I’ve got a couple vintage Gibson’s now so to complete the tone I’ve got the following vintage Tweed Deluxe offered to me. I feel like the speaker isn’t original... unless they used a 1950 speaker in a 56’ amp (based on the serial number)? Please let me know what you think of this amp’s...
  8. GuitarTalk

    Kalamazoo 60’s Rosewood?

    Hi guys, This may not be the right subforum for this question as it doesn’t necessarily apply to vintage les pauls (but rather ES-style Gibsons of the 60s): I have 1964/1965 ES-330, is there a possibility it has indian rosewood on it? I know that most sources say that the Kalamazoo plant...
  9. GuitarTalk

    Quick & Easy: DIY Nickel Aging (takes 15minutes)

    Hey guys, Introduction (skip if in a hurry): So as you may know I finally got my hands on my favourite Les Paul a couple months ago, a Murphy aged 59 True Historic. It’s a perfect guitar but the one thing that stood out to me was how shiny the pickup covers were compared to the rest of the...
  10. GuitarTalk

    1957 Everything. Perfect combo. Coincidence? [VIDEO DEMO]

    Let me know what your guys’ favourite combination is.:run: I thought I’d share what a perfect combo this is: - 1957 Gibson True Historic Goldtop (2016) - 1957 Fender Bandmaster Reissue (2016) With no pedals (apart from a basic reverb through the front).
  11. GuitarTalk

    1959 "Pumpkin" Burst

    Season appropriate name :hmm: Happy Halloween MLP'ers! 1959 True Historic Les Paul, Murphy Aged Darkburst [2015] @gravedanger wins for suggesting the name originally:cheers2:
  12. GuitarTalk

    NPUD: The PAF beasts are here

    Not sure if New Pickup Day (NPUD) is a thing, but into my Murphy Aged TH Darkburst, they go... It was between PG’s, Wizz’s, and these. I’ll do a tone demo, but these tick all the boxes of the tone I was going for and more.
  13. GuitarTalk

    Post the best Les Paul photo you've ever taken! [WARNING: GAS triggering content]

    Rules: 1) post one photo only (I know it's hard to choose the best one) 2) give the photo a creative title 3) give a description of the guitar in your masterpiece I will start. I posted a photo in a separate thread, which I thought was my best, until I took this one. Here it is: Title: "A...
  14. GuitarTalk

    Paging Fellow Historic MLP’ers on Instagram

    Hey fellow Historic MLP fanatics, I’ve seen some you put your IG handles in your MLP signatures, and I’ve already found some of you on there. Feel free to comment your IG handle below so I can find fellow MLP’ers on there.:cheers2: Also, I see that the LPF has an IG account, not sure if MLP has...
  15. GuitarTalk

    Rosewood Species?

    Under direct sunlight: Even more up close: What do you think it is based on the photos?
  16. GuitarTalk

    New 2019 Slash “Brazillian Dream” R8 At a first glance, I thought it looked like this haha (but now I kinda like it the more I look at it): Thoughts?
  17. GuitarTalk

    NGD: Darkburst 1959 Murphy Aged 2015 True Historic Les Paul

    I think this one is the endgame for me. 8.5lb, neck's comfy with no shoulders, moderate aging by Murphy, dark smooth fretboard, and... TONE (glassy, deep, resonant, clear, bla bla bla I'll just share a demo with you guys!). Got it from a really cool local collector!
  18. GuitarTalk

    NGD: 2016 True Historic 1957 Goldtop [featherweight champion]

    My first R7: a 2016 True Historic in “Antique Gold”! 7 6064, named her “Aury”. Only 8lb (7.9 without the metal switchplate), my lightest solid body LP:) Enjoy the photos (better ones coming later) and congrats everyone on the other NGD posts today, beauties! P.S. Goldtops are much easier to...
  19. GuitarTalk

    FS: Bludotone Bludo Drive Amp and Loop-a-Lator

    Selling an impeccable MINT custom built 50w (with 25w half power switch, 4-8-16ohm) Bludo-Drive tube amp head by Bludotone. Hand custom made and signed by Brandon Montogomery in the USA. Non-HRM, 70s voicing model, with 2 button footswitch for clean,boost,over-driven channel switching and...
  20. GuitarTalk

    What do you think? My R9 vs Original Burst

    What do you guys think? I think I found the burst that looks very similar in colour and flame to mine :hmm:, can anyone ID it? I think it was listed at Rumble Seat. Unidentified Burst: My Dirty Lemon R9:

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