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  1. jb_abides

    Icons: Jerry Cantrell of Alice in Chains, Gibson TV Interview

    Great recollections, especially about growing up, EVH, etc. Did not regret the hour spent. :cheers:
  2. jb_abides

    Oklahoma, OK? ...Not so much. SCOTUS Rules for Tribe, 1/2 of State Goes Poof!

    Supreme Court Rules Large Swath of Oklahoma Is Indian Reservation - The 5-4 decision could reshape criminal justice in eastern Oklahoma by preventing state authorities from prosecuting Native Americans. Thread = Place for discussion of the ramifications of this decision including: Tribal...
  3. jb_abides

    Volkswagen apologizes for being... RACIST!

    Volkswagen apologizes for 'racist' advert showing a giant white hand flicking a black person away from a VW Golf and in to a shop called 'Little Colonist' Social media users noted that as slogan 'Der Neue Golf' - 'The New Golf' - fades into view, the jumbled letters appear to spell out the...
  4. jb_abides

    Epiphone says "Graduate to a Gibson"

    I just got an email from Epiphone. There was zero Epiphone content contained within... Instead, it was SUBJ: "Graduate to a Gibson," advertising entry-level Gibson Modern Collection Les Paul Special Tributes for $999. Ended with "Made in America." So they're giving Epis away while...
  5. jb_abides

    Elon Musk Presents: Tom Cruise in space! Tom Cruise dies... in space!

    So: beats Sean Penn in a rowboat? Discuss if you will... And people need to stop using 'literally' in all their blather, proving they are illiterate. Say goodbye to Tom Cruise, everybody. It’s just a matter of time now before his frozen body is left drifting off into the unknown, an...
  6. jb_abides

    Led Zeppelin Radio (SiriusXM), Jimmy Page: The Anthology (mass market version)

    Big news this week for Zep heads: SiriusXM revealed an extension of SiriusXM’s unprecedented Stream Free access offer through May 31, making the full lineup of Premier Streaming content available to any listener in North America. I have been patiently waiting for my signed deluxe...
  7. jb_abides

    Rocksmith: Girl Plays Who's 'My Generation' with Guitar and Bass simultaneously

    Love the over-the-shoulder excitement, and total exuberance especially the end of the song... SCORE! :applause::applause: Do I feel inadequate... :eek:
  8. jb_abides

    Wild Boar hybrids: invasive porcine apocalypse or the new Canadian bacon?

    "Pretty much everywhere else the pigs are found, they’ve created problems." The Number of the Beast - These feral fugitives can weigh up to 600 pounds or more, and sport sharp tusks and bristly coats over thick, warm fur. They are reproducing rapidly and their range is expanding. As they...
  9. jb_abides

    New Era for Nudes: Playboy Magazine Ends

    The world is changed. I feel it in the water. I feel it in the earth. I smell it in the air. Much that once was is lost; for none now live who remember it. First, Playboy announced the end of Playmate of the Year, citing "Inclusion" concerns. Now, they are ending the print magazine, citing...
  10. jb_abides

    Super Worm Moon... impressive!

    A bit cloudy tonight in DC but still an impressive sight to behold. Some pics from the news... anybody have good viewing? :cheers:
  11. jb_abides

    Stay Classy, San Diego!

  12. jb_abides

    2020 Academy Awards... I wish I was an "Oscar buyer" wiener

    Not buying into hype cycles and virtue signaling, I won't be watching tonite... I'll wait for the highlights "in post." :doh: Here's a refreshing take from an anonymous member commenting on the balloting - Brutally Honest Oscar Ballot: 'Irishman' "Was Boring," Tarantino "Amazing," "I Want an...
  13. jb_abides

    Trogly Muttley 1955 GT Refin

    @Trogly - why not call Dave's perhaps they can meet your estimate... sounds like win-win
  14. jb_abides

    Anyone ever notice RoboCop is Pelham Blue?

    That is all.
  15. jb_abides

    Demz sum HOT FRETS! (Guitar Yule log)

  16. jb_abides

    Epstein Cover-up in Miami

    Epstein didn't kill himself ...Guards covered it up!!! High concept performance art. Isn't it ironic? Don'tcha think?
  17. jb_abides

    US Sailing Show in Annapolis this weekend

    Spent my weekend feeding my non-geetar GAS! "Best new thang" - Debut of the Eagle Class 53 catamaran by Fast Forward Composites; backed by investor hedge fund financier David Sussman: the vision for this was to make a gentleman's weekender performer-racer / cruiser from high tech materials with...
  18. jb_abides

    Gemini Man... Starring Jimmy Page!

    Not Will Smith...
  19. jb_abides

    From NAMM 2017: Mike Voltz of Gibson Memphis

    From NAMM 2017: Mike Voltz of Gibson Memphis does a rundown; Memphis again impresses me with their approach and execution, of course I want them in lefty :fingersx: The Highlights: - Discusses the thermal engineering aka 'roasting' as applied to Memphis line in Lifeson ES, like Custom Shop...
  20. jb_abides

    Test for Echo

    Howdy Just testing... :cheers:

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