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  1. Skerries1

    Pearl Jam's Mike McCready new 59 burst

    Good to know what happened to this guitar. This was discussed extensively a couple years ago on here as Emerald City were selling it and were advertising it. I had the opportunity to play this guitar one time at the store. They are very nice folks that run the store (which is worth a visit if...
  2. Skerries1

    Possible 58-59 Les Paul No Serial No.

    Respectfully, I don't agree. This is all speculation, of course. But the big issue is whether the original OP is the recognized owner of the guitar and if he/she wishes, could sell the guitar. The knowledge that this is potentially a stolen guitar will make it very difficult to optimize a sale...
  3. Skerries1

    Possible 58-59 Les Paul No Serial No.

    The 53 Goldtop refinished to black that Marc gave to Ringo Starr just sold for 27,500 USD plus 25% auction fee. I bid on it, but was a bit uncomfortable going up too high on a guitar I haven't seen and haven't had any questions answered on it. Maybe if I was there in person I would have been...
  4. Skerries1

    Possible 58-59 Les Paul No Serial No.

    Years ago I made the mistake of getting a law degree (total waste of time!). But this topic is fairly simple. There is no statute of limitations in the UK on stolen items (especially if they can be considered artistic). There are a few loop holes,but none that clearly apply here. The estate...
  5. Skerries1

    Up close and personal with the Memphis Mojo burst

    My favourite burst, by a long way.
  6. Skerries1

    59 on Ebay

    This is exactly why I'm out of the vintage market. Look at this scenario, the story is believable, the seller even claims proof of provenance, and video of Joe Cocker's guitarist seems legitimate enough. Without involving a burst expert, nothing is believable, and even then, rarely believable...
  7. Skerries1

    59 for 114k at GC

    Just read this thread.
  8. Skerries1

    In your opinion, when baby boomers are out, who will be the future burst buyers?

    To me there is a very close association between vintage guitars and vintage cars, in particular vintage Porsche (but I have a bias). During the 90s and 00s, the early Porsches (911s) were always very expensive, but you could barely give away 70's and 80's targa or other era models. Well, year...
  9. Skerries1

    Repaired broken headstock Les Paul sounds better

    Seems to me that there are two possible things going on here. First, it could just be like a placebo response. You want it to sound as good as before and lo and behold, thats how you end up interpreting it. Second is that a good set up by a good repair shop can improve more than just the...
  10. Skerries1

    Price for my 1950's Custom

    Does Brian Williams have any Les Pauls?:dude:
  11. Skerries1

    '61 three pickup custom at Carter' of the last single cutaway

    Nice guitar. But I don't think anyone knows what the true price of these area at the moment. This one is up for 47.5K. Seems very high.
  12. Skerries1

    58 Black Beauty

    Folks This '58 Black Beauty has come up for sale on ebay. Its not mine. 1958 Gibson Les Paul Custom "Black Beauty" Original No Reissue w OHSC | eBay I think its time we had a thread that discusses the issue of late '50s Black Beauties and whether they are the poor cousin of the burst or...
  13. Skerries1

    I got to play a 58 and 59 "Goldie" burst over the weekend

    Sounds like a great experience! Where is that shop?
  14. Skerries1

    Original Black Beauty for sale!!

    I don't see this achieving a high bid. There were so many early versions that Les used that this can't really be referred to as the Grail of LPs. Its also not a very attractive looking guitar.
  15. Skerries1

    Price Check: 57 Black Beauty 3 Pickup

    The prices for 3PU BBs are all over the shop these days. You can pick up a re-finned one (58 for example in Asheville right now) for less than 20K quite often. I can't imagine that the fact that one was in a more original condition would increase the price that dramatically as there isn't...
  16. Skerries1

    1954 Custom

    From what I inferred, its the original author who was arguing here, not the members. Its a nice early Custom, but its only a Custom (meaning its not got a big collecting market), so its financial value or likelihood of creating a frenzy will likely disappoint you. No one seems to know what the...
  17. Skerries1

    Where are the rest of the "Bursts" ?

    There is a whole underground railroad of vintage guitars that most of us will never hear about. They are just for the dealers and the high worth collectors. I was in the market for a low-end 59 burst a couple years ago, prepared to pay 150K, and I was told that most dealers won't even call me...
  18. Skerries1

    Question about 1959 serial numbers.

    Some of the burst experts believe that higher numbers that are not in the serial number database should be viewed with caution. The reason is that people putting a fraudulent SN on a headstock tended to pick higher numbers, probably knowing they were unlikely to duplicate a SN. No one suggests...
  19. Skerries1

    Vintage refinished guitars

    Nice vintage LPs from the fifties don't come up frequently enough for most buyers to rule out a guitar just because of a refin. Personally, I'd prefer a nicely done refin than something that looks awful based on abuse or just weird natural aging. The other issue is that a bad refin can be...
  20. Skerries1

    A vintage LP and a reissue under the tree

    A very nice gift for your grandson! The Custom looks great with the white pick-guard.

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