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  1. fatdaddypreacher

    Backing out a bit.

    well, thank you roxy. like i said...i ain't planning on going anywhere, but have gotten to the point where i know i have way more inventory than time and talent. me, need to move down the road a bit. I'm hopeful that much of it will be turned into guitars or other musical...
  2. fatdaddypreacher

    Backing out a bit.

    you are so kind. this place has certainly been a refuge in times of ridiculousness. I have my very supportive wife of nearly 50 years and a great family...both immediate and extended. I'm as happy as a frog on a lily pad. thank you
  3. fatdaddypreacher

    Backing out a bit.

    Well folks, father time is catching up to me. I'm 70 and health isn't going to get any better, so I've decided to liquidate my lumber items. I have posted a thread in members classified whose title begins with 'my spanish cedar..... If you are interested, please go there and read and message...
  4. fatdaddypreacher

    My Select Spanish Cedar and Figured Maple Cap Stock being liquidated

    I've been a member on this forum for over 10 years as an avid fan and amateur hobby builder, but rarely go outside the Luthiers Corner. Due to health considerations and age, I have decided to move my Inventory i've collected over the years, as I don't build more than one or two guitars a year...
  5. fatdaddypreacher

    Neck joint failure on SG build

    with the minimal neck tenon, i would suspect you would need full contact of glue surfaces, raw wood to raw wood. if all the paint residue wasn't removed from the joint, the glue up would not have been maximum. titebond doesn't stick well to anything except raw wood. it's best used when...
  6. fatdaddypreacher

    Question about burst binding scraping

    i don't know what everyone else does, but what works for me, is after i'm done scraping, i put a couple of light coats of clear on, then after that sets up a day or so, i lightly knock down the ridge ever so slightly so subsequent clear coats will blend better, and the ridge doesn't telegraph...
  7. fatdaddypreacher

    Using paint as fake binding

    im not sure, but i'm thinking lacquer over enamel is a no no
  8. fatdaddypreacher

    Refret stainless steel?

    i've only done stainless on one build, and i too found each task a tad more labor intensive, but i post this to inject that i did not invest in special tools, and use only basic stuff i have found adequate for ns frets. if i ever do more i'll upgrade my tools, but stainless is doable with...
  9. fatdaddypreacher

    Where to buy Holly veneer for headstock's closed grain, inexpensive, stable and available.
  10. fatdaddypreacher

    First les Paul jr build

    looks great, but the main thing...are you having fun?
  11. fatdaddypreacher

    Is there any "leeway" in fret heights?

    i use an aluminum carpenters level that i cut a little short, but not necessary to cut a 24" level . 220 0r 320 paper as described in two posts above.
  12. fatdaddypreacher

    Is there any "leeway" in fret heights?

    the first thing i'd check is to be sure all frets are seated completely. i would hold the guitar at an point where you can see light underneath the straight edge, on top of the frets. i would use a straight edge that covers the length of the fretboard. gently rock the straight edge on the...
  13. fatdaddypreacher

    question about dying/staining maple cap

    thank you so much for the details. nice tips to avoid. i appreciate it. that thing looks good enough to eat. you should be very pleased with it. thanks again.
  14. fatdaddypreacher

    question about dying/staining maple cap

    i'm aiming for something pretty much like the top one. i was planning on building a bit of clear after sanding back the black, then making a transparent amber coat, then darken a bit with some brown, and then darker even for the burst. any ideas you can share of exactly how you achieved that...
  15. fatdaddypreacher

    question about dying/staining maple cap

    thank you, chris. that's very helpful. those things are absolutely stunning. the wood selection and execution is stellar.
  16. fatdaddypreacher

    question about dying/staining maple cap

    those are stunning. im not much on blue or green guitars, but those definately pass the test. gorgeous
  17. fatdaddypreacher

    question about dying/staining maple cap

    thank you kind sir
  18. fatdaddypreacher

    question about dying/staining maple cap

    does anyone have a pic of a properly sanded back top ready for amber build coats. i don't know how much black to leave. thanks.
  19. fatdaddypreacher

    JUST A JOKE I SWEAR!!! (Tonewood debate)

    and yes, it seems all agree that there can be differences between two wood blanks cut from same tree, but i am particularly fortunate to have some boards that are as wide as 27" and were 17' long when i bought them. not a know in the lilft, all very straight grain, so what i would do is cut out...
  20. fatdaddypreacher

    Is there an "easy" way to fix a poorly-glued top?

    theres really not a lot can be 'wrong' with a planer. sharp knives are key, but if it's new and hasn't been set up properly, it could cut un parallel. table should be parallel to the cutter head, and knives must be set parallel to the cutter head/table. an older machine could need the same...

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