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    FA: Throbak LTD NOS wire paf humbucker

    Really cool sounding pickup and hard to find anymore. I think they’re the closest to my real PAFs.
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    Alternatives to humbuckers

    Hi all, I’m getting kind of bored with humbuckers and was curious to know what other alternate humbucker-sized pickups you’ve tried to make things more interesting. Years ago I tried some TV Jones powertrons that were pretty cool. anyway any suggestions to mix it up and get some more unique sounds?
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    Norlin a with a factory paf?

    Anyone know the deal with Gibson putting a few pafs in les Paul’s in the 70s??
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    Neck pickup, help me end the madness!

    Guys, I need serous help from your collective knowledge. my question is how does anyone, ever get a good sound out of a neck humbucker (not too muddy and huge) without making the bridge sound horrible?? Talking about with a les Paul, the neck on my L5 is heaven! for background, I’ve been...
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    The Leo Fender clean amp myth

    Hi all, I thought I’d share some interesting info on fender amps for general internet knowledge and posterity and to counter a common myth I’ve heard for decades. This is info I got from a very pleasant and interesting phone call I had about a year ago with amp legend Bob Rissi (Fender amp...
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    Why do I hate strats? And do I need therapy?

    This is inspired by another thread but maybe someone can fill me in on what I’m missing. jimi is the only guy I’ve ever heard make a stray sound really great. To me they’re always thin, bland and too sproingy. Now I’ve been playing for over 30 years, went to Berklee, played live a ton and...
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    Gold late?

    Wasn’t sure where to post this, but how late has anyone seen 2 gold pafs in a Gibson? I just got a ‘64 L5 with a pair and was pretty surprised they both were, was expecting one or both to be pat. no. Is this fairly common that late or did I get lucky?
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    J-45 true vintage screaming deal

    Auction over!
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    Stephens Design PAF set on Reverb Real killer set! Gooses an amp with nice push and drive. Spectacular pickups.
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    Creamtone abr-1

    I wanted to post about this bridge since there doesn't seem that be a lot of info out there. I recently got a 2016 r8 and this thing was just so piercingly bright it was awful. I realized it was the hardware (what is Gibson doing with the recent hardware?!) and started swapping in vintage...
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    2016 R8 on the way!

    Will ship out tomorrow! 8.25 lbs, my first les paul since buying my 2001 R8 15 years ago. just had to share :)
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    Matchless reverb unit

    Recently I picked up a Matchless RV-2 reverb. I'm not too into reverb with amps, but thought I'd also be able to use it in the studio. Good gracious, what a sound. Never liked fender verb units, but this thing is very natural. I've been using it on keys, percussion, vocals, bass, acoustic...
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    Tweed deluxe mod

    I've been reading lurking here for some time thought it was about time I contribute something. First a brief into so you know where I'm coming from: I've been building and modifying amps for about 15 years, not commercially, just for myself and friends. I run a recording studio as well and am...
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    Stephens Design PAF on ebay

    Pretty rare to see these show up, FYI in case anyone's interested. Stephens Design VL61 Humbucker PAF Pickups Like Vintage Gibson | eBay

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