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  1. KTM

    Bambi Saves Thumper.

  2. KTM

    NGD Epiphone SG Standard

    I've wanted a white SG with the larger 1969 style pick guard since around 1977. My favorite guitar player, Donald "Buck Dharma" Roeser of Blue Oyster Cult played one. When I saw that Epiphone came out with one I had to have one. I finally got mine. :) I lowered the bridge slightly and set the...
  3. KTM

    RIP Ken Hensley, Uriah Heep Keyboard player.

    RIP Ken Hensley. Former Uriah Heep Keyboardist Ken Hensley Dead at 75
  4. KTM

    Ian Holm Passed Away

    Rip Sir Ian Holm Sir Ian Holm: Lord of the Rings and Alien star dies aged 88
  5. KTM

    Brian Dennehy Passed Away

    Brian Dennehy passed away. RIP. I always liked him. Veteran actor Brian Dennehy, known for roles in "Rambo: First Blood," "Tommy Boy" and "To Catch A Killer," died Wednesday at age 81. The burly actor...
  6. KTM

    Rutger Hauer Passed away.

    Well, crap. RIP.
  7. KTM

    Naked Manitowoc man catches fire after being tased :shock: :rofl:
  8. KTM

    What happened to Laggspike?

    I've not seen him post in ages. Hope he's OK.
  9. KTM

    Mandolin Tuner Knob Repair Help Needed.

    I have a Martin/Sigma Mandolin and one of the Pearl (fake pearl) tuner knobs broke. I have tried super glue but it does not hold. Any suggestions on an adhesive that will have a better chance of working? I've not been able to find a replacement knob. The shaft has two flat sides and two rounded...
  10. KTM

    Drunken Kim Jong Un...

    :laugh2: In related news, apparently purple is no longer allowed in North Korea...
  11. KTM


    I heat with wood and about a year and a half ago I cut up and split some figured maple. :facepalm: Had I known it was figured before I cut it I may have tried to salvage it for lumber. It was in a 10 cord semi load of 8' logs I bought. I've been buying a semi load every two or three years since...
  12. KTM

    30 years ago today...

    ...I married my high school sweet heart. Our first date was on July 8, 1979 (we went to see Kansas in concert) the summer before our senior year in high school. We dated for ~three years then went our separate ways for ~three years then got back together and were married. Sure doesn't seem like...
  13. KTM

    Hey Malikon...

    ... I think Sean Lennon is stealing your style. :shock: Have a look in the July 2016 issue of Guitar World:
  14. KTM

    RIP: James Horner

    I didn't see this posted here yet. Sorry if it's a repeat. Bummer. :( James Horner Dead: 'Titanic' Composer Killed in Plane Crash - Hollywood Reporter - The Hollywood Reporter
  15. KTM

    Who is tom_hippie?

    Yep, another copycat thread. Hi tom_hippie. :wave: What's the deal with waffles? I mean I like them and all, I even make them with a waffle iron on occasion, but they don't compare to a cheeseburger. :facepalm:
  16. KTM

    Original Mission Impossible Series

    I've been watching some of the old Mission Impossible TV series and noticed that many of the episodes were directed by a Paul Stanley. :laugh2: Here's a screen capture.
  17. KTM

    35 years ago this evening...

    my wife and I went on our first date. July 8th, 1979 we went to see Kansas in concert at the Met Center in Bloomington, MN. We were both 17 years old and enjoying the summer before our Senior year in High School. :) I can't believe it was that many years ago. :shock:
  18. KTM

    The Wood Canvas Canoe Thread

    Post photos of your canoe No aluminum canoes allowed. Well OK you can post those too. Mine is approximately 110 years old +/- 10 years or so, and was built in Canada. I've never been able to verify the actual builder but it appears that it may be a Huron. It was given to me by a family friend...
  19. KTM

    Does a Bear Crap in the Woods?

    Not always, once in a while they do so in my yard. :shock: Last Monday evening around 10:15 I went out onto the kitchen deck to call my two cats in for the night and I saw movement less than 10 feet away that was NOT one of the cats. Turned out to be a black bear and at least one very small...
  20. KTM

    Anyone else carve a small guitar...

    out of a piece of wood when you were a teenager? Back around 1974 or '75 I carved this Les Paul Gold Top out of a piece of Basswood. The nut, frets and a portion of the bridge are made of flat toothpicks, the tuners are made of plastic. I remember when I made them I positioned the tuner knobs in...

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