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  1. Minte

    Boom Lifts, what do I need to know

    Articulated or telescoping? And why? It's time to put away the ladders for trimming trees. I am having far too many scary moments! I haven't called a sales place yet. I need to understand more before I call.
  2. Minte

    The Caboose/Cigar Lounge is done!

    We had about 60 friends over last Saturday night for the *Grand Opening* The weather was perfect, which is always a good start. The caterer really brought it and our new bartender is a keeper. A couple of shots of how it looked when it arrived.
  3. Minte

    No Animals Were Harmed

    Last week I saw a woodchuck making a home in the dam of my pond. Not good.. I bought a trap and according to Mrs. Google on the phone a cantaloupe for bait. I set the trap yesterday morning and motored out every few hours with the hope that I caught him. No luck. I went to work this morning at...
  4. Minte

    Minte confirms no more Audi's after 2026

    I've only owned 2 of them and clearly that will be my final number.
  5. Minte

    New Car Day...slowest one ever!

    Built in 1924- restored in 2016 It's new home.
  6. Minte

    RC Cooler Soccer

    We received an email today from one of our customers with this link. A new sport!
  7. Minte

    The Bad thing about exotic cars

    Everytime you go out someone insists on taking a picture standing next to it. :(
  8. Minte

    OK Minte! Tell Us What It's Really Like..

    To be raising 2 Boston Terrier Puppies. Ok, I will. It is been really fun so far.. The female(Mae) is a rockstar. She is going to the door when nature calls and to date has only piddled once in the hall. She loves her kennel and sleeps through the night without a peep. Max is a month younger...
  9. Minte

    The Correct Amount Of Chainsaws?

    I've got 4 A small battery operated for light trimming A Stihl MS180 which over performs its capacity - big thumbs up A Stihl MS211-cbe - Which has the goofy chain adjuster and the weird pull start.. thumbs down A Stihl MS 261 which is amazing, but gets pretty heavy after an hour of...
  10. Minte

    Amazing Effort By Our Team At Work

    Less than a week ago we were contacted by a boyscout in Canada that is 3d printing ear savers for protective face masks. 3d printing is a good way to design and engineer but very slow to produce parts. Our team designed and built a double cavity injection mold in less than 4 days. Typically...
  11. Minte

    My Ferrari Arrived Today

    It's a 488GTB 661hp twin turbo and enough torque to pull stumps 560ft lbs They also brought this. :) It's New Home. I took it for a short drive but kept it pretty slow, It's got summer tires on it.
  12. Minte

    Words real men never use

    I'll start. Powder Room
  13. Minte

    .410 shotgun suggestions

    Something that will be good for chipmunk and woodchuck control.
  14. Minte

    One of our Roombas is a dumb ass..

    It gets stuck somewhere, every time it runs.. My wife gets these text messages from it... hep me...I'm in trouble. The other ones do fine.
  15. Minte

    Winter... Bring IT!

    I am ready. :) Changed the tractor over today from summer.
  16. Minte

    Single = Self Partnered...

    If any of you self partnered guys out there are in the market...Emma Watson needs you! The world gets stranger every day. :hmm:
  17. Minte

    LED Christmas Lights

    What garbage! We got stuff out today to start decorating for the holidays. For one blue spruce tree right outside, we used 15 strings of 25' C9 Leds.. After 2 winters only 3 of them worked. And they were stored perfectly.
  18. Minte

    The Next Great Mystery...

    This one has potential. What really happened to Jeffrey Epstein? The state says suicide, an examiner that has done over 20,000 cases and sat in on the autopsy says homicide.
  19. Minte

    Cordless Drills

    My old B&D which at its best was mediocre has seen its day. What's the hot ticket in drills these days?
  20. Minte

    You think you have nuts!

    I am about at the halfway point on collecting acorns, hickory and walnuts. This year I am piling them up in the woods for the wildlife.

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