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  1. Oranjeaap

    How to restore yellowed plastic parts.

    I have a once white pickguard and once white plastic parts, however after 40 years they now all are a different shade of white. To make matters worse there were stickers on the pickguard, and after removing them the pickguard now has different areas of different shades. Because there is no...
  2. Oranjeaap

    Status of Proxy services right now?

    Hi guys, Sorry, I know this has been discussed recently but I can't find the thread anymore. I know there was some controversy surrounding Buyee a while ago, personally I never had any issues. Then there was widespread trouble with shipping due to covid for most proxies. Just asking, what is...
  3. Oranjeaap

    Any pickup swap 'succes story'?

    I have one. Meet my Gibson SG with 490/498 pickups. It was cheap, it had a case, it looked cool, so I bought it. Worst case I could probably sell it for a profit. Ok, few weeks later, man this thing sounds bad amplified. Muddy, dark, too much output, just dogshit. Bridge pickup sounds...
  4. Oranjeaap

    Brazzy Fenders?

    How (un)common are braz boards on Fender guitars? Compared to Gibson? Do they go for the same premium prices as the braz Gibsons?
  5. Oranjeaap

    Quick connect electronics in your guitar 100% kill your tone!

    Says the same guy that runs his signal trough 15 pedals.
  6. Oranjeaap

    1980's Blade Levinson Delta (Telecaster)

    Not sure how known these are in the USA. Lots of myths out there. Despite the neck plate saying "Switzerland", and a lot of sellers (duh) falsely claiming these to be made in Switzerland, they were definately not. This is one of the earliest Blade's you'll ever see, trust me, and made in Japan...
  7. Oranjeaap

    1977 Fernandes Strat

    Pretty cool strat i picked up a while ago. Wish it had a darker fretboard, but overall this guitar is a great example of Japanese craftmanship. Pickups are a bit boring, but wiring and electronics are really well done (usually the weakest point on MiJ guitars imo). This has a 3 way switch, which...
  8. Oranjeaap

    Liquid nitrogen weather checking? (with the real stuff)

    The topic of creating weather checking, and the different methods, has been discussed plenty. I know most people aren't too happy about the results. At my work, I have acces to liquid nitrogen. The "real" stuff. I'm curious if anyone ever used this, instead of the "fake" upside down spraycan...
  9. Oranjeaap

    Rip Nib

    I'm missing a nib on the treble side, 10th fret. Makes sense, the neck sees most play around that area. It's not bothering me because: 1) The guitar its pretty worn, and it's on the treble side so you can't really see it when playing. 2) I haven't noticed it while playing ( I don't even know...
  10. Oranjeaap

    Fun wiring ideas for strat?

    One of my strats has a master volume + master tone configuration, leaving the third pot disconnected. To be honest..... It's PERFECT! I'm gonna do the same thing for my other strat. Which gave me the idea to actually make the third pot usefull (again). I don't have any ideas though. Lets hear...
  11. Oranjeaap

    1970s Japanese "Nitro"?

    Anyone else own any of the early models that are supposed to be nitrocellulose finished but aren't? I have 2 guitars that are supposed to be nitro, but feel more like poly, but at the same time they are different from the other poly guitars I have from the same era. Could it be they were still...
  12. Oranjeaap

    Restoring old MiJ strat

    I don't have much spare time, so this will be a sloooow thread. The good: All original parts Makes sound The bad: Horrible paintjob Pickgaurd screws rusted to oblivion Pickguard painted aswell Saddle adjustment screws rusted to oblvion Tuners have rusty spots Rusty frets When I bought this, I...
  13. Oranjeaap

    Need advice on wiring grounding

    Anything that can go wrong? Any specific rules? Or is it just, make sure the grounding touches all the parts it needs to touch and connect it to the right lug on the output jack? I will further explain my question when I get back home.
  14. Oranjeaap

    Refret without losing vintage wear/patina

    Hi guys, I have a 45 year old stratocaster that might need a refret. (rosewood board) "Might" as in I really dont like the low frets, but for some others it might still be perfectly playable. Collectors value is not an issue for me. The only thing that I am worried about is losing that lovely...
  15. Oranjeaap

    Fifty shades of White

    Okay, I lied. I got only 3. Post your own and lets see if we can make it to 50? (Dont worry about the missing parts, the SG and ES are works in progress)
  16. Oranjeaap

    Pickup ID

    This pickup got pulled from the same guitar as I pulled a gold covered Bill Lawrence HB-R Does this look like a Gibson pickup? The thing that confuses me is the lack of the "Gibson" engraving on the bottom, in combination with it being waxpotted. Soldering looks untouched? (Not sure) Can't get...
  17. Oranjeaap

    Anyone recognize this unmarked strat bridge brand and model?

    Looks sturdy but cant find anything that looks similar.
  18. Oranjeaap

    Help ID Les Paul Custom

    This belongs to member @HANG TIGHT He was having difficulties uploading pictures, hence I posted them for him Should be a bunch of pictures visible in the box below:
  19. Oranjeaap

    How to remove paint splatters from an already finished guitar?

    I bought a nice looking guitar on ebay a while ago, it should arrive here next week. Got a good deal on it! Here is why: It looks like someone used a spraycan of black paint to spray something, and forgot there was a guitar in the room. The guitar is covered in small splatters of black paint...
  20. Oranjeaap

    Active to passive

    I'm getting rid of the EMG's in one of my Gibsons. I know EMG uses 25k pots so I need new pots. Long time ago I installed EMG's in a different guitar, I remember there was an output-jack aswell. Do I need a new output jack now for passive again? Do I need a new switch? Tnx

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