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  1. musicmaniac

    New Gibson - QC issues?

    Wow, I can't believe I read the whole thread! :iough:
  2. musicmaniac

    Upgrading my Traditional Vs purchasing a brand new R9

    If you can afford an R9 I'd get one. If you can't I wouldn't. That's the best I can do!
  3. musicmaniac

    "Downgrading" to Epiphone

    Nothing wrong with down grading as long as your happy. Nobody wants to spend more money but sometimes it's worth it.
  4. musicmaniac

    Advice on selling my Les Paul

  5. musicmaniac

    NGD: 2021 Standard 50s Heritage Cherry

    Nice congrats!
  6. musicmaniac

    Inflation has reached guitar gear, how long will it last?

    Personally, I think this is the new norm. Although I hope I'm wrong.
  7. musicmaniac

    Whats the best Bang for you buck LP?

    Try the one that's local out and if you like it offer him $400.
  8. musicmaniac

    Looking for $ value on this Epi Custom

    I'd pass too now that you posted that picture.
  9. musicmaniac

    Studio Gem Series?

    If you can get them down a few hundred I'd consider it.
  10. musicmaniac

    NGD after a long hiatus...

    I like your post and your guitar. Congrats!
  11. musicmaniac

    NGD LP Special

    Cool congrats!
  12. musicmaniac

    NGD: 2021 Standard 50s in Iced Tea Burst

    Nice congrats!
  13. musicmaniac

    Took a chance and purchased my first LP

    Very nice welcome!
  14. musicmaniac

    I got my 2016 Pelam Blue Standard back !!

    Glad it worked out for you!
  15. musicmaniac

    Please help me identify this Epiphone Les Paul

    That seems about right.
  16. musicmaniac

    Looking for $ value on this Epi Custom

    $300 max for me.
  17. musicmaniac

    NGD (to me) - Collector's Choice CC#11 "Rosie"

    Very nice congrats!
  18. musicmaniac

    NGD Murphy Lab Dirty Lemon R9 light aged

    Nice congrats!
  19. musicmaniac

    NGD! TODAY......It’s here!

    Yeah, that's a nice one. Congrats!
  20. musicmaniac

    58 Custom VOS returned. Thoughts/advice?

    Keep looking if you really want one. If not move on.

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