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  1. Rob the Photog

    Help with colors and finishing

    Hi everyone, and thanks in advance for the assistance. I'm a complete novice when it comes to finishing guitars. I've started reading up on it and it's making my head spin a little - do I use dye or stain, wipe-on or spray, how to those choices affect the order of operations, etc. Trying to...
  2. Rob the Photog

    Inlay gaps - okay or need filling?

    Hi everyone. My first post here in the Land of the Luthiers. :) I hope this post is appropriate for this forum; if not, I hope the mods will move it to the appropriate location. I recently acquired an awesome Gretsch G2657T (an excellent Les Paul-sized, overseas-made semi-hollow that won't...
  3. Rob the Photog

    Knob differences

    I found this whole process to be interesting and educational, and I wanted to share my story with MLP. Hopefully this info will help others in the future. I have zero affiliation with any of these companies. The backstory, for those who like reading about the journey: I bought a used 2016...
  4. Rob the Photog

    White Gibson Les Paul Studio (2009)

    I remember one or more of the members here saying they were shopping around for a white Les Paul recently. I just found this and thought I'd share. I have no affiliation with this listing or the seller, other than I like to shop there when I can...
  5. Rob the Photog

    Pros and Cons of 3 Humbuckers

    I have a 2016 Les Paul 50's Tribute (a great guitar, by the way) that I've thought about adding a middle pickup to. I searched for other posts about 3-pickup guitars, and it seems that a lot of people dislike 3-humbucker LPs because they say the middle pickup gets in the way of...
  6. Rob the Photog

    New Epiphone headstock???

    I just watched Premier Guitar's "Summer NAMM '19: Epiphone Vivian Campbell Holy Diver LP & George Thorogood White Fang ES-125 TDC Demos" video, and noticed that the headstock on the Vivian signature LP is different than the norm! More like the Casino or 100th Anniversary LP without all the...

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