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  1. Barker

    FS: Pete Cornish G-2

    I didn’t think I would ever sell this pedal because it’s so damn impressive but I’m moving to a small apartment and this thing should be played loud. If you’ve clicked on this you know what it is. This is the version with a battery compartment. It’s in excellent shape and has the original box...
  2. Barker

    Pedals For Sale - Strymon, Casteldine, Mythos & More

    Time to let some pedals go! All are priced to sell, so no lowball offers please.... I will consider most offers however. All prices include shipping to cont. 48 states coming from 29464. The only trade(s) I would consider is a Friedman Dirty Shirley (pedal) or possibly another quality...
  3. Barker

    Throbak JW-102b & Bartlett Rings

    For Sale: Throbak JW-102b and Barllett M69 Rings. I had this set up in a Bartlett Replica I used to own and held on to them for another guitar when I sold the replica... they have just been sitting in the box so it's time to let them go. This set up has some nice natural wear. The leads...
  4. Barker

    FS: Vintage Mid 1950s Goldtop Brown Backplates

    I have a set of Mid 1950 Brown Backplates for sale. I got these on a R6 Vintage Makeover I acquired from Steve Craw our very own Lefty Elmo. He purchased the 'plates from Kim LaFleur. These were on a left handed guitar for a time so the backside of the control cavity plate has the screw...
  5. Barker

    FS: Wizz, DMC, Yaron, Sprague, and More!

    Alright lads, here's some stuff I had sitting around that may interest you. It's all priced to sell. Sorry for the picture quality. 1. This is a set of Gil Yaron M69 Rings I've had for about 5 years. They are naturally aged and have some scuffs and scratches on them. These are darker...
  6. Barker

    NGD: Silly Awesome R6/R7 Conversion GM Makeover

    Well it's far from new and I've had it for some time now, but I love this guitar. I actually acquired it from our very own lefty legend Steve Craw for another stupid good guitar, my old HM R8. It's undergone some serious part swapping and is now fitted with a combination of vintage and...
  7. Barker

    Tone or Fretboard..... ?

    Alright guys, it's time for a silly poll/thread. The obsession with super dark fretboards baffles me a little bit. Don't get me wrong I like dark boards but a nice 'milk chocolate' 'board is just fine with me. I actually prefer a nice wood grained 'board in the chocolate color range over...
  8. Barker

    FS or FT: Oddfellow Caveman Overdrive

    The Caveman Overdrive is an extremely transparent overdrive that has an amazingly versatile range of sounds! This pedal nails every sound from full distorted tones to softer overdrive. The one thing about the caveman that amazes players is the dynamics. They are simply amazing. Not only is the...
  9. Barker

    FS: Vintage 1950s Cali-Girl Lifton Les Paul Case

    I've decided to let this cool case go. I don't know exactly which year it is, but it has no Gibson Badge. The headstock of an LP touches the bottom of the case so I've always used a towel under the neck to protect it better. The headstock end of the case has a repair (see picture) done by...
  10. Barker

    FS: Vintage 1960 PAF Pickups, The Real Deal!

    For Sale: 1960 PAF Pickups Alright gents, I've hummed & hawed for months about selling these and even mentioned this set to a few of you. Well I'm putting this sweet set of pups on the market. I acquired this set from my friend & MLP member Steve Craw... many of you know him as Lefty Elmo...
  11. Barker

    FS: Parts - Bartlett, Throbak, Pigtail, Gibson Historic

    Here's what I got: Bartlett M69 Rings: These are from lighter colored run Tom did. They are lightly worn. They have the correct smell, texture & vintage look. Yes, they have a bit of a pink hue just like the vintage ones. $165.00 Paypal Shipped (cont. 48). Gibson Historic Lightweight...
  12. Barker

    FS: Some Vintage (1950s) Les Paul Parts.. Nice Stuff!

    Hello MLPers, I have some very nice vintage Les Paul parts that I'm offering for sale. Here's what I have: - Vintage Poker Chip/Toggle Switch Plate - This is the version that came on the '50s Goldtops & early 'Bursts. It is in very nice shape. *There is one of these on eBay & Reverb...
  13. Barker

    Fulltone Octafuzz Pedal, OF-2, Killer Deal!

    This one is priced to sell fast! The pedal is in good shape with a few little marks, it had velcro on the back but it been removed.. the sticky crap is completely cleaned away. The box, instructions, sticker, and a positive pin adapter for your pedal board is included along with the pedal...
  14. Barker

    FS: Gibson Custom Buckers & Gibson M69 Rings

    Alright boys, I need to raise some cash. For Sale I have a set of 2013 Gibson Custom Shop Custom Buckers that came from my 2013 Gloss R9. I am also including a mint set of Gibson M69 Rings. The readings (on my crappy multimeter) are: Neck = 8.02k & Bridge = 8.04k. They are naturally...
  15. Barker

    I Like The...

    ..... Camera on my new phone. Three quick shots in different lighting, I think they came out pretty good. These have no effects on them, the R9 (bottom) was shot in a pretty dark room and has flash on it. Anyway, here are the pictures..
  16. Barker

    Do I Need A New JackPlate?

    :hmm: I had a little oopsy with my R8..
  17. Barker


    That's New PickGuard Day... :thumb:! I'm a bit of a pickguard ho, I've got loads of them. I contacted Dan Bartosik for another recently and he made this sweet custom aged one for me. Anyway.. yes it's a silly thread, but that's what forums are for right.... :D? iPhone Pics:
  18. Barker

    FS: EarthQuaker Devices Hoof Reaper Octave Fuzz

    Mint like new; EarthQuaker Devices Hoof Reaper Octave Fuzz with everything... instructions, cloth sack, sticker, pick, and box. $235 (or best offer) Shipped to contiguous 48. Info on it here: EarthQuaker Devices | Hoof Reaper Octave Fuzz
  19. Barker

    FS:ThroBak MC-102B Custom MXV P.A.F. Pickup Set

    For Sale: ThroBak MC-102B Custom MXV P.A.F. Specs.: Neck 7.6K, Bridge 9.1K, Long A4 magnets. These are a really cool set that cover a ton of ground. The bridge does early Aerosmith, Zeppelin, and Duane Allman tones really well when cranked, but when rolled back gets a smoother lower output...
  20. Barker

    FS: ThroBak Strange Master Treble Boost

    Very cool pedal here fellas! Detailed info, and demo here on the ThroBak site: ThroBak Strange Master Treble Boost Effect Pedal - ThroBak Electronics It's in great shape, perfect working order, and comes with all the goodies. I'm asking $190 PP, shipped (to the contiguous 48 states)...

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