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  1. d1m1

    NGD 2010 R5 Custom Wraptail

    Hi folks, after years of searching i finally had the chance to get one of these. I only saw two of them in the internet. They are very rare birds. One of them is that one. It belonged to Joe, a forum member (iamjoe). I wrote him couple years ago that if he ever wants to sell it, to let me know...
  2. d1m1

    Most accurate 50ies Top Hat Knobs?

    Hi folks, i know there is some similar threads but things change fast in busines and those threads are not up to date anymore since many parts arent anymore produced such as DMC, Hysteric etc. So my favorites knobs, the DMC V1.5 are discontinued. Area59 CAB AOA seem to be accurate and are...
  3. d1m1

    NGD: RebelRelic Stratocaster with 400 yo Pine Body

    Hi guys, i have the guitar since June but i had no time to post it. So here we go It´s a RebelRelic Strat Hand Made in Amsterdam in 2013 (imo better than any Fender custom shop). The Body is 400 yo Pine from a Building in Amsterdam from the 16th Century. Yes it´s older than the USA! It is...
  4. d1m1

    Uncirculated 1959 Burst - 9 0922

    Almost a Plaintop. With some Blister. Enjoy:
  5. d1m1

    Refin 1955 Gibson Les Paul - To Do It or Not?

    Hi guys, i restored a wreck 1955 Les Paul. I went for a Blacktop since i always liked Blacktops. But i started to think of a refin. Not sure yet, just a thought. One option is back to the roots, so Goldtop. The other a Burst refin (dirty lemon). In this case there is some work to be done on the...
  6. d1m1

    50´s Guitars

    Ok so what´s about 50´s guitars? Hype or was it a coincidence of good wood and pups/electronics at the same time? My personal experience, most of the best guitars i had in my hands were from 50´s. Post your 50´s Axes :cheers:
  7. d1m1

    The ultimate Amp: Metropoulos DVL1

  8. d1m1

    FS: 1993 Murphy R9 Historic Gibson Les Paul (1 of 25)

    Sold Hi folks, i´m selling a holy grail Les Paul. It´s a rare 1993 Historic R9 finished by Tom Murphy (1 of 25) in mint condition. Became 25 yo this year (happy anniversary). The chery is still strong like on the first day. It is one of the 25 very first R9 ever. The weight is 8.6 lbs and she...
  9. d1m1

    FS: 2010 R5 P90 Goldtop Wraptail 8.1 lbs

    For sale a 2010 R5 Les Paul Goldtop Wraptail Weights just 8.1 lbs It is very resonant R5´s are very rare and were made in 2010-2012 in very limited numbers They do have some differences in compare to regular Historics: - The neck is replica of an original 1955 owned by Dave Carpenter. It´s...
  10. d1m1

    Awkward Photos. German Couple from the 80ies

    Well that´s a german couple from the early 80ies. The Amp is a very early Kitty Hawk "Amp" Model loaded with the original EVM12 Speaker. Only very few of those made before the "Standard" Model was introduced. The guts are also different from the Standard series. Those very early "Amp" models...
  11. d1m1

    50's Wood? This is How a Good Les Paul Supposed to Sound Like

    Sounds this thing unplugged amazing or is it just me? Resonant, loud, woody; kinda like hollow body / acoustic.
  12. d1m1

    Guitar Solo Faces Make A Lot More Sense :D
  13. d1m1

    Funny content - Frank Stalone at Normans Rare Guitars

    That guy is fun :D
  14. d1m1

    Phil Harris plays 9-04XX and 9-0279

    Here are two videos of Phil Harris playing two vintage Gibson Les Pauls. Enjoy!
  15. d1m1

    NGD Rebelrelic Strat Hardtail Tele Pup on the Bridge Olympic White Relic

    Hi folks, really happy to have found finally a strat i like. I owned several strats (my first electric was a strat) but never was really happy with. I really like the neck possition but never really liked the bridge pup. Instead i dig the tele bridge sound. Also i find the tremolo is a bad...
  16. d1m1

    FS 1993 Historic Goldtop R6/R7 preowned by Mick Ralphs

    SOLD! For sale a killer killer Les Paul Historic. It is one of the first historics ever made in 1993. First owner was Mick Ralphs. he routed it for paf´s and installed a bigsby and toured around the world with Paul Rodgers and the Bad Company. this piece of wood rocked milion faces! then he sold...
  17. d1m1

    The official Wraptail appreciation Thread

    All Wraptail geetars are welcome, new, used, vintage, aged, yes even not gibsons ;) Post them. And let us know why you like them. I do like and prefer wraptails first because of the imo better tone. Imo they have better sustain, better attack, better response, they are tonal more versatile...
  18. d1m1

    The Amazing Tale of Epi Stathopoulo (Epiphone founder)

    Very interesting
  19. d1m1

    NVGD - 1955 Restoration/Conversion - The Red Bellied Black Snake

    Here it is folks, "The Red-Bellied Black Snake" aka "Pseudechis porphyriacus" (Weight: 7.9 lbs) I chose that name because both the guitar and the snake are blacktops with natural belly and have two venomous teeth/studs. The red on the snakes belly is actually just binding bleeding ;) To the...
  20. d1m1

    2000 R6 & R7 Murphy Aged Historics Review

    A nice review of two 2000 Murphy aged Historics. A R6 and a R7. Through a beautifull 80s Jim Kelley amp. Ok it´s german but music has no language ;) Which one would you choose? Enjoy:

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